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the total amount of coins is displayed at the bottom of your inventory

There are 4 kinds of coins in the game. They are:

  • Gold coins
  • Silver coins
  • Copper coins

You can gain copper coins by either defeating certain mobs, or through trading. 100 copper coins are equal to 1 silver coin, and 100 silver coins are equal to 1 gold coin. (So 1 gold coin is actually 10 000 copper coins)

Platinum coins are obtained by completing quests and missions and have a different purpose than copper, silver and gold coins.

Money is essential to progress in the game quickly, as you can (obviously) buy items, armor and weapons with it.

Some money is also requested at the Identifier to identify Leftovers

Item CopperCoin.png Item SilverCoin.png Item GoldCoin.png