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Class Trainers are found in all Cities of Cube World. These class trainers can be identified by the weapon they are holding. (i.e. A mage trainer will have a staff on his back). Class trainers can be easily found in the Adventurers District of the city.

When beside your class trainer, you have the ability to remove previously spent skill points from each skill you have leveled up, and assign them to a new skill.

There will also be a price attached to the removal of a skill that will increase with your level. You can only remove skill points and put them on another if you are beside your class trainer.

Along with having the ability to change your skill points, you can learn your other specialization. (e.g. You can learn the scout specialization if you are a sniper ranger) This will also cost you some money.

Warrior class trainer.
Rogue class trainer.
Mage class trainer.
Ranger class trainer.