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The World Map is a zoomable and turnable 3D map of the current world the Player is on.

The map can be opened and displayed at any given time by pressing the map key (default [M]).

Using the map, Players can explore the loaded-world from a bird-view perspective and are able to zoom in and our, move around as well as identify important landmarks such as main roads, land borders, towns and dungeons / quests.

By zooming far enough in on the world map, Players will be able to see certain items on their "radar", such as town section names, vendor or store logo shields or crafting areas. Especially useful while in a Town and you need to find a certain place to do your bidding.

Biome Borders

Biome borders are white dotted lines shown on the world map and mini-map, which signify a new biome/area in the world.

Biome border between a Greenlands and an Ocean biome.

Undiscovered borders to new biomes may appear as an elevation on the world map.

Undiscovered border between grassland and lava biome.

Map Data

  • Temperature, time, direction.
  • Players can be seen on the mini-map and on the regional map and they appear as a head.
  • The daily quest can be seen on those maps (crossed sword symbol)
  • Regions, cities and things like castles can be seen on those maps.
  • The color of the region shows you the Power Level of the mobs in this region (compared to the power-level of the player)
    • Red = over the player's Power Level.
    • White = under the player's Power Level.
    • Blue = equal to the players Power Level.


The interesting locations on the map are laid out in a grid pattern.

Once you find one you just need to walk on the same x or y axis to find the other locations.



If you zoom in into the map in a city you will see the districts and shops.
If you close the the main map the minimap shows the stores and districts as well.