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Wands are magical Weapons used by the Mage that perform ranged attacks. They have a moderate attack speed and medium to high damage. The secondary skills, accesed through the 1,2,3, and 4 number keys are the same as with all other Mage weapons.

When equipping the wand, your primary attack will be a single bolt that shoots out of the wand, whereas the secondary attack will cast a powerful four bolt shot that can stun the enemy. The bolts are fire or water, depending on specialization.

Wands are classified as a two-handed weapon; you cannot dual wield them or combine a wand with a bracelet.

Like most Weapons, wands can be customized at the Customization Bench in any city or town. Furthermore wands have a one-time option of being adapted to the players current level.


You can add the following blocks to your wand (More soon to be confirmed):

  • All Spirit Cubes (Fire, Ice, Water, Etc.)
  • Wood Cubes
  • Iron Cubes
  • Silver Cubes
  • Gold Cubes
  • Sapphire Cubes
  • Emerald Cubes

These cubes give extra stats to the wand, such as (More to be confirmed):

  • Extra HP
  • Extra Damage
  • Extra attack speed
  • Higher chance of poisoning enemies
  • Higher chance of stunning enemies