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A vendor is an NPC who buys and sells items. Despite this they are simply referred to as shops in Cube World. Vendors are found inside their shop houses in every city. They will not move from their location, making it easy to find the same vendor later on. Currently there exists three different vendors in the game: Item vendor, Armor vendor and Weapon vendor. Each vendor shop has it's own logo to represent the type of items that is sold by the vendor inside.

All items sold by vendors - or shops - cost a small amount of copper, silver or gold coins. Similarly any item that the player has acquired can be sold to a vendor for copper/silver/gold coins by clicking on it with either the middle mouse button, or the right mouse button. Platinum coins are not used in shops.

All known city shops
Shop Type Shop Sign Notes
Item Shop CWW Icon Shop.png Carries a variety of items and is therefore sometimes referred to as the Misc Shop. Any items can be sold to this vendor.
Weapon Shop CWW Icon Weapon-Shop.png Carries only weapon types of items that can be purchased. Any items can be sold to this vendor.
Armor Shop CWW Icon Armor-Shop.png Carries only armor types of items that can be purchased. Any items can be sold to this vendor.

Item Shop

The Item Shop carries a variety of items and is commonly referred to as the Misc Shop. It carries a selection of items that is determined by the game seed for which the world was generated with. This means that players can generate new worlds and get certain items that vendors do not sell in other seeds. For examples of this see the seeds page.

Item Store Products
Glass Flask

Glass Flask Icon.png
0G 0S 2C

Iron Lamp

Iron Lamp Icon.png
0G 0S 2-6C

Hang Glider

Hang Glider Icon.png
0G 10S 0C

Wood Boat

Wood Boat Icon.png
0G 10S 0C

Pet Food

Bubble gum Icon.png
0G 0S 2C


Formula Icon.png


Bomb Icon.png

Weapon Shop

The Weapon Shop sells a variety of weapon items. Weapons are class-limited, which should be kept in mind before purchasing.

Armor Shop

The Armor Shop sells a variety of armor items. Much like the Weapon Shop, the items are class-limited so a player should keep that in mind before purchasing armor from this vendor.

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