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I have used a stat hacker to compensate for my cerebral palsy. However, my primary ambition is as a healer and I am very charitable. I am willing to help the lower levels in times of great adversity. My policy on PVP is I refrain from it unless you are a clear threat to me. So, don't get on my bad side. I'd hate to imagine having to use my advantage against others.

Wiki-wise, and also in Minecraft, I have a bit of an OCD when it comes to griefer damage and bot spam. The temptation to clean up lava or spam just nags me.

My hobby and field of study is 3D modeling, and for that I prefer Blender. I have tried coding before and I know several programming languages, but API knowledge and actually making something is where I blunder. My languages known are C++11, (Object) Pascal, Java, C# 5.0, some Bourne shell scripting, some Python 2/3, Nimrod, some D 2.0, some C11, some Objective-C 2.0, some Ada 2012, some Lua 5.1, some batch scripting, some JavaScript/TypeScript/Dart, and I might add to that. My compilers of choice are GCC, Clang, FPC, Mono, Python 3, and JDK. I use Visual Studio too, but pretty much because I'm forced to. The toolkits I find interest in are SDL, Allegro, MonoGame, Xwt, PhysicsFS, Ogre, Irrlicht, Qt, wxWidgets, and Boost.

I also provide Arch Linux packages of CubeWorld software I have interest in. Just check the bottom of the specified project page on this wiki for the package links.

Interesting moments in the wiki and game

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