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Heya. My name for today is Rune Kitsune. I've plenty of names, as I have an extensive internet history. I'm basically just here in support of Cube World. I'll mainly be acting as a quality control on the articles; correct spelling, grammar, filling in info, and the like. Let me know if ya need something, I'll be glad to help.

I originally tried playing an Elf Ranger, but I use an intel processor, which doesn't agree with Cube World. The lag forced me to play a melee class, so I instead went with an Undead Rogue named Boneboy. (I'm so creative.)

I have found significant success with Boneboy. Currently I am level 12, an Assassin, and have stocked up on all I need to conquer all before me with my pet Bunny, Boing.

  • Insert maniacal evil laugh here*

That's all. Have a good day~