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Me riding my Peacock

I am Ace, the only way I can contribute to this wiki is by either taking pictures or writing simple information. I'm terrible at wiki script so I just slack off and do the easy stuff! I found out about cubeworld back in 2011 from a friend named Keron. He showed me the game and I was really interested, and began to rage when Wollay said the game wouldn't be released for a very, very long time. When the game was finally released a few days ago, luckily enough a friend reminded me, and I begin to dance around and cheer that it was released. Little to my knowledge the game shop was down and that is where my happiness directly converted to sadness. For 48 hours I sat there and moaned a whined about the game not being out.

Getting Into the Game

After the period of time where the game was unavailable for purchase, I finally obtained the game once the shop was re-opened. I quickly began to cheer and dance some more as the character creation screen was opening. The first thing I saw was the back of a human head, and as I toggled through the character races, I had awed numerous times.

As I casually played the game, killing monsters every few minutes, leveling was slow. I only leveled up every half-hour or so. I found my pet, the Peacock. And damn was he a sexy beast. Rode 'dat monster all the way to lava lands we killed and slashed and we... died to an Imp.

Currently, i'm only useful for a few things, those being: Uploading Images - Correcting Typos - Adding Useful Information