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Basic Information

Location: Grasslands
Class: Melee

Creatures Enemies

Trolls are large, Ogre-like creatures with a large amount of HP.

Trolls, like Saurians, are very large entities. Their size makes it difficult for them to traverse terrain, which can create multiple problems during battle as they will often get caught in areas where they are unable to move, even with the ability to climb obstacles. This forces the Player to relocate themselves in order to give the Troll the ability for it to attack the Player. When a Troll cannot find a way to the Player, it will stop moving until a path is visible. Damage cannot be dealt to a Troll when it is trapped in terrain. However, it is possible to deal damage to a trapped Troll if it can reach the Player's pet. A good strategy for defeating a trapped Troll is to send a turtle pet into the location of the Troll while using ranged attacks against the Troll.

Troll attacks can destroy terrain.



Trolls are brown-skinned monsters with large, muscular arms that attach to their massive torso. Their legs, like all other creatures that walk on two legs in Cube World, are much smaller in comparison to the upper part of their body. Trolls have large noses and small, red eyes. Their massive jaw gives the Troll an underbite, revealing three crude teeth. They wear a dark grey loincloth and carry around a huge log that they use as a club.
A trolls face


They spawn in an open field where they will wander around until engaged in combat. They use a club and their massive hands to smash enemies into the ground. They use a couple of different attacks that deal massive damage and stun their victims. The attacks are slow so it is recommended that you time your dodges well if you play classes with lower armor rating.


1. The troll slowly raises his club and then smashes his target and the terrain in that area. The attack does high damage but because of its slow charge up rate it's possible to dodge.

2. The troll jumps and smashes anything in front of him. This attack is fast and is hard to dodge but it does lower damage then over the head swing.

3. The troll put his club on his back and uses his massive hands to repeatedly smash the ground. When in this phase the trolls attack damage is low and his movement speed is decreased. However the speed of his attacks and the AoE high stun rate makes this phase dangerous for melee classes.

4. The troll gets into a swinging position, raising his club to the left of him, and then does a whirlwind charge attack that does high damage, destroys any kind of cover in its way, and is really hard to avoid. This is arguably the most powerful attack in the trolls arsenal and players should dodge as much a possible while he's charging. Note that creating distance between you and the troll or hiding behind cover will only make him do the attack more often.


  • Trolls first appeared in Wollay's video. In the video the Troll used a spiked metal mace instead of a log (Look at the gallery for an image).
  • Trolls seem to be highly resistant to stuns.
  • There is a champion version of the regular troll called the Dark Troll. They are said to have faster attacks then the regular trolls and are known to use two log maces instead of one.
  • There is a Snowland counterpart of the troll know as the Yeti.
  • A mob called the Ogre acts like a smaller, faster version of the troll that does not damage terrain.


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