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Time in Cube World consists of a 24-hour day and night cycle. Each minute in Cube World is 6 seconds in real time, each hour is 6 minutes and each full 24-hour day and night cycle is 2 hours and 24 minutes in real time. The time in Cube World can be instantly set to 7:00 AM by talking to an Innkeeper between the hours of 6pm and 6am. Found, of course, inside of any Inn.


The entire world will 'reset' when the time passes midnight (0:00 AM) or someone speaks with the Innkeeper (thus forwarding the time to 7:00 AM).

  • All existing monsters will disappear and be respawned at their original starting locations. Although respawned monsters will remain the same creature type, humanoid NPCs (evil or friendly) are randomly generated with each reset, meaning that since they are assigned any of four classes, encounters with humanoid travelers can be greatly unpredictable. For example, a group of three humanoid travelers may consist entirely of Mages, as opposed to, say, a Rogue, a Warrior and a Mage.
  • The Quests will be shuffled, and the new Quest dungeon monsters will change in level accordingly. Also, the humanoid dungeon's Boss will change in class ONLY if it is assigned as a Quest. For example: You run a castle and kill the human Warrior Boss. Time passes midnight (0:00 AM) and everything respawns. However, the castle you are in was not selected as a Quest, so another human Warrior Boss will spawn. It may have different weapons, but it will still be a Warrior. However, if midnight passes again, and this time that castle was selected as a Quest, the Boss class will be refreshed, and it can change to become a Warrior, Rogue, Ranger or Mage.
  • Bushes and Ore veins reset so they can be farmed.

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A sleeping player.

Time can be sped up by sleeping.

Whilst sleeping, time passes 10 times faster than when awake.

During Sleep, one minute in Cube World is 0.6 real time seconds, an hour is 36 seconds and a 24-hour day and night cycle is 14 minutes and 24 seconds of real time.

Time can be reset to 07:00 AM by simply talking to any Innkeeper between the hours of 6pm and 6am. Innkeepers can be found in any Inn, typically in the middle of the main room.


Night time is dark.

It's very dark at night.

Use your Lamp by pressing the 'F' key to help light your way. The basic Lamp does not illuminate much, but you can generally find a more powerful one in the Item Store.

Here is an example of varying light levels from different Lamps:Imgur

There are different kinds of Lamps:

Iron Lamp

Candle and Shimmer Mushroom can also be dropped to produce light.

Skipping Night Time


  • Prior to version 0.? : The time would reset to 7am, no matter when you spoke to the Innkeeper.
Language: [[::Time|English]]  • [[::Time/de|Deutsch]] • [[::Time/fr|fran├žais]]