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Pets can be tamed by feeding them certain types of food.

Each Pet takes a different type of pet food to be able to be tamed.

To Tame a Pet

  • Have the correct Pet Food
  • Place the food in your hand
  • Walk up to the appropriate creature for the food you have

If you have the correct food, little hearts will appear above them and they will be tamed

Check out the Pet page for the latest pet info.

Some of the Pets that can be tamed

Animal Food Rideable?
Alpaca Vanilla Cupcake (light)
Chocolate Cupcake (dark)
Bark Beetle Bread
Bat Mango Juice -
Biter Pancakes -
Bunny Carrot
Camel Date Cookie
Cat Candy
Chicken Cereal Bar -
Collie Bubblegum
Crab Strawberry Cocktail -
Crocodile Apple Rings
Crow Licorice Candy -
Desert Runner Caramel Chocolate Bar
Duckbill Sugar Candy
Fly Fruit Basket -
Hornet Popcorn -
Horse Candied Apple
Leaf Runner Mint Chocolate
Lemon Beetle Lemon Tarts
Midge Melon Ice Cream -
Mole Chocolate Donut -
Monkey Banana Split -
Mosquito Bloodorange Juice -
Owl Lollipop -
Parrot Ginger Tartlet -
Pig Pumpkin Mash
Peacock Chocolate Cookie
Penguin Soft Ice -
Plain Runner Milk Chocolate
Porcupine Blackberry Marmalade
Raccoon Chocolate Cake -
Seagull Salted Caramel -
Scottish Terrier Croissant
Sheep Cotton Candy
Shepherd Dog  ?
Slime Jelly (of its colour)
Snout Beetle Lolly
Snow Runner White Chocolate Bar
Spitter Water Ice -
Squirrel Strawberry Cake -
Terrier Waffle
Turtle Cinnamon Role[sic]
Wolf  ?  ?

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