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SUGGESTION: When one lists a seed could they also provide more specific guides? Such as 4N,3W From [Insert Landmark Here]?

Please include not only What is awesome about your seed, but where to find it. Ex:

   Bad -  Seed 1:  Squirrel Boss


   Good - Seed 1: Squirrel Boss, North West of Spawn

ALSO: Saying that an area has "+4 mobs" is meaningless on its own. It's much more useful to explain the Power Level of the loot that you get; say that the boss drops "Unholy Spirit +24" or that it's in the 60-70 range. Then add that it's epic or legendary loot


Add your seeds here and I will put them in the tables!

42545 - Already a seed for Hornet Boss but also has a Skull Bull Boss who is orange for a Level 18. So drops something higher than +40s, maybe 50's. Abilities include terraforming. The boss is where the human icon is, but if the file does not work then south of city and West of the Ruins of Lugotar. Sorry that this is so incomplete at the moment.

Skull boss.png

26879 - Wind Spirit+52, SandRunner Boss, West of Spawn, "After you arrived the West of Spawn, keep walking to the westuntil you see Kroria Pyramid. Walk along the river(SW) and you will see a SandRunner Boss(That will fall Wind Spirit+52)." <I checked few times!

123 - +53 Mythical(Red) Wooden Wand formula, +53 Legendary drops - head South of spawn to the Lands of Sedara which is the biome immediately South of the spawn biome, once there head to the town then directly East of the town to Langor Palace(wand recipe is in a chest in the boss room),WYbJwwR

333666999 - Fire Spirit +40 dropped by Wolf Boss that's 7N and 1W of spawn, near a river, and North West of the Town

75812305 - Gold Lantern for sale in the first town.

199773129 - 2 Star Lantern for sale In first town, along with Waffle pet food.

404 - Large mines east of first town in Sanrior Canyon, also Dwarf boss here. Peacock Boss North of Sanrior about 3 blocks. Spitter Boss East side of Senora Lake 13N 4W of First spawn.

12123434567 - Konami Code - bubblegum in store, peacock boss west of town towards daily quest, bee boss further west. (didn't get to see further, monsters were tough but not +)

17- Large lake east of starting town, has +4 spitters and a crab boss.

999999- Wolf Boss that spawns undead West of town just past ruins, drops Fire Spirit +46.

999111 - Easy cat boss drops water +20, just NE after water, town near by NE.

23 - Spawn beside an Ogre.

8675309 - Jenny Land has a ton of mountains for mining (iron, gold, silver, emerald, ruby). Terorok Lake is straight south of town and has +1 crabs and spitters (exp. 13). Great place to grab some levels. East of the lake is a mountain range as high as the clouds. Also has 3 RED areas around the town.

13375- diamonds due southwest of starter village (Kurdar Canyon)

12153535 - Formula: Blue Mage Armor +79 sold in town near spawn (Anlon City)

1337 - Due EAST of starting zone, you should pass through the tip of a jungle biome, and come into contact with an ocean biome with a lot of temples and islands with + monsters. I believe Serior Temple was the one I entered that ended up dropping a Gold rarity (tier 5) weapon from the boss, 4 Gold weapons from monsters and 2 Gold armor pieces as well as 3 Gold recipes and a few Purple (tier 4) as well. This was in ONE completion of the temple. It may have also been Kurmor Temple or Kurron Temple, but most likely was Serior. Serior is East of the town, Kurmor SE, and Kurron W. They are all very close to town.

543153102 - South West of the town you will find a Dungeon called "Ruins of Likudara". In there you will find Undead+4 that will drop common-legendary +95-100 loot.

115465466 - Desert Biome north west of spawn, Lanla Pyramid drops Epic (Yellow) 55-61 weapons (all classes).

1515182-South of starting city(Durano),past Ruins Of Gano situated Narron Valley(UNDEADs +4 drops Green,Blue,Purple,Yellow(Legendary) iteams

2727- Legendary(yellow) and Rare(blue) Iron Lamps at starting city

Aproveitem as seeds pessoal =D

Masmorra / Chefe / sementes de Nivelamento: Dungeons / + mobs:

898997 - Red Iron shield +79 (Warrior) Formula => In Anion Castle , north of starting city (Gelon City) in a chest

4215864 - perto do Spawn de 3 masmorras.

405517260 - dois castelos, 3 world boss e uma catacumba com Spawn de mobs

00012 - 3 dungeons, uma missão, minas (Uma com 1 diamante e outra com 1 ruby e 1 silver, segue o mapa

4 - 1 mobs poder 45-55 diretamente ao sul da cidade em 'Krokor Valley'

99999 - 3 mobs poder 40-45 sul de desova pós 112 para localização

317 - 3 mobs poder desconhecido lado oeste da cidade

4215864 - 3 mobs poder 90-97

153435 - 3 mobs poder 79-84

214236 - 4 mobs poder 65-73 pós 63 para localização (longa caminhada -_-')

117771 - 4 mobs poder 80-95 nordeste da cidade inicial, procure em 126 e 133

405517260 - 4 mobs poder 55-61 ver pós 155 para localização

26879 - 4 mobs poder 50 West da cidade

8675309 - 4 mobs poder 61 Ver 206 no mapa

265196916 - 4 mobs poder 65-70 pós 251 para localização

World Boss:

007 - North of Town, past Sanka Valley and follow the east fork of the river when it splits and you'll find a bumblebee that's quite easy to kill and drops ice spirit )+40 98765 - Alpaca boss west of starting town on mountainside

17 - Horse boss perto de desova

50135 - Biter Boss perto de desova

19851214 - Bunny Boss ao sul da cidade

8008 - Sheep Boss e Snout Beetle boss ao norte de seu spawn

9876543 - Mole Boss

138 - Cat Boss

314159 - Cormling boss [espírito de gelo +17] Own Boss Noroeste [Fogo Espírito +14]</strick>

<strike>133753317 - Raccoon Boss(missão)

8 - Um monte de boss perto das coordenadas 220

3293844 - Skull Bull boss, Nordeste de desova, entre a cidade e a desova

98646 - Fly Boss Sudoeste do spawn, ver 235 no mapa


14556 - Horse Boss (ice spirit +26) right on spawn (and usually attacking you during world generation)

314159 - Cormling boss [spirit ice +17] Own Boss Northwest [Fire Spirit +14]

133753317 - Raccoon Boss (Mission)

8 - A lot of boss near coordinates 220

3293844 - Skull Bull boss, Northeast spawning, between the city and spawning</strike?

<strike>98646 - Fly Southwest Boss spawn, see 235 on the map

Minerals/Ores seeds:

05091974 - grande quantidade de morros com cavernas que contêm grandes quantidades de minérios

5 - Mina de Spawn(desova)com minerios.

209222 - minerios a west da primeira cidade

1274 - muito ferro a west da cidade

214236 - Diamante perto do Spawn, cordenada 90 no mapa

16987134 - Montanhas com grandes quantidades de minérios, a sudeste da cidade

070413 - Muita esmeralda e ferro =D divirta-se.

45612 - duas cavernas ao norte de onde você nasceu(Spawn/desova)contendo Ferro, ouro e Rubi


05091974 - lots of hills with caves containing large amounts of minerals

5 - Mine Spawn (spawn) with ores.

209222 - ores west of the first town

1274 - far west iron city

214236 - Diamond near the Spawn coordinate 90 on the map

16987134 - Mountains with large quantities of ores, southeast of the city

070 413 - Lots of emerald and iron = D have fun.

45612 - two caves north of where you were born (Spawn / spawning) containing iron, gold and Ruby

65748930 - At the south west of the spawn you will found sapphire and some caves with emerald and iron.

25565 - Head to Galon town, and move SOUTH-EAST until you find a large mountain range. Explore the mountains for cave systems. You will find a ton of iron, Some silver and gold, and one Emerald deposit. There is also a nearby Undead castle SOUTH-WEST Of the mountains, and in the general store, is a Purple 3-Star Lamp. Inside the Undead castle is a Skeleton boss that will drop an UNHOLY Spirit.

987654321 - Gold and Silver Deposit right North from starting town.

Vendedor da cidade vendendo lanternas:

13375 - Lanternas Amarelas

209222 - Lanternas Amarelas.

80084 - Lanternas Amarelas

87456329 - Lanternas Azuis

80085 - Lanternas Roxo

98744 - Lanternas Roxo

Pet Food na loja da cidade:

98744 - Chocolate Donut

30057153 - Algodão Doce

11100111 - Waffles

311772 - Candy

707 - Bubblegum

404 - Cenoura

Map link broken

Map link for Mythical (red) +53 Iron Boots Formula ( 21465 In Aruron Pyramid, South-East of spawn in a desert biome in a chest ) isn't working :/