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Please be respectful with suggestions, this is simply a page for players to list things they wish to see added!
Do not delete any suggestions made by others. They will all be viewed by staff and we will attempt to rank/sort/combine as necessary.
Please try to add your suggestion under a category displayed




  • No textures because it will destroy the simple design, which makes Cube World special.
The water looks like the area has not loaded yet(mind the top part)
  • Texture in trees, leaves,
  • Texture on the ground and mountains.
  • Floating blocks on water surface, shivering blocks for leaves
  • Water needs better textures
  • More realistic fire and water
  • Semitransparent clouds

The Map

  • More precise map (made up of smaller voxels/World map is more detailed.
    • Option to switch between a possibly more precise map and the default map
  • Colored biomes on the map
  • Loading faster map
The names are blocking the view
  • Minimap changes size according to the size of the window. Right now the map blocks your view a lot if you're not playing fullscreen.
    • Make the minimap have a maximum size. When zoomed in the map blocks a lot of view.
  • Make the names on the map smaller, not bigger as you zoom out. If you zoom out really far to get an overview of where you've been you can't see anything because of all the huge names on the map.
  • Add small quest and city signs on the minimap to make it easier to navigate.`
    • Make the head on the mini map smaller, it's hard to see where you're going.


  • More organized cities(sense of direction fails in most of the cities).
    • Signs, the look of buildings or color of buildings in a specific area.
  • Different themed cities have different themed shops,trainers,platinum tower and outskirts.
  • Have the pumpkins/sunflowers/grapes etc. plots connected to farmhouses


  • Moonlight
  • The option to have shadows depending on sun and moon (add moon)


  • More hairstyles
  • Ability to choose eye colour
  • More faces


  • Weather (raining/snowing/storms/tornadoes/hurricanes/earthquakes).
    • Snow falling in snow biomes
  • More stable game play on intel CPU's. Workarounds do not always make much difference.
  • Mountains that aren't a repeated pattern every 5 or so blocks in some areas
  • Unique special effect upon scoring a critical hit.
    • A sound and/or a visual effect

Misc Skills

  • Taming skill. All mobs can be tamed (less humanoids), but depends on this skill. The higher the skill, the higher the level and the mob that can be tamed. Example: at level 1 only could tame rabbits and low level mobs, and at level 20 skull bulls and more. At higher levels it could even tame even bosses, with the condition they have a very low life.
    • Alternative or addition, increase rate of pet's level gain if it is lower level.
  • Fishing skill
  • Bomb crafting
    • Bombchu crafting! (likely requiring some uncommon component)
  • Farming skill (own farm land?)
  • Create your tree combos and mend with their skills.
  • Wizards learn spells from books.
  • Sprinting
  • Perhaps a charisma skill (stat, really) that allows for cheaper pricing, or persuading NPCs to join you (see suggestion of groups)
  • You can have your own home.(By buying or building it) Ideally, once you built or bought a home, it would act as a Portal for your character only.
  • Mining skill, mine better and rarer ores.
  • Skills also gradually level up from usage, for example by using boats a lot, your sailing skill goes up. It would mean you might not use both skill points every level up because the things you use are already leveled up. A more realistic example would be that as a rogue, you like to use Intercept. However, you also enjoy going round on your mount very fast. You use your pet, say a turtle, a lot so that levels up the riding skill letting you put more points into Intercept.
  • Lamp abilities
    • flashbang(scrambles enemy movement and attacks).
    • Decoy(Turns off your lamp in the process).
    • Reveal(makes enemies with lamps equipped visible from far).
    • lamps can be place on the ground.
  • Wall jump


  • Be able to buy a Bedroll and Make a Fire re:Light.
  • Cooking pots inside the houses in towns (Used as campfires, but easily able to be found within towns).
  • Food gives regeneration bonuses instead of slow healing.
  • Certain food gives certain kinds of bonuses like extra stamina or increased damage or increased MP generation.
  • Alchemy expansion
    • poisoning weapons for limited number of attacks
    • potions that temporarily increase skills or stats
    • night vision.
  • Different food recipes to give minor, long-lasting bonuses (Would not stack with other food types).
    • Different biomes would have different ingredients.
    • Even more variety if also adding Fishing/Farming.
    • Certain food recipes for your pet instead.
  • Food rots over time.
    • Rot can be used for fertilizer to replenish the pumpkins and pineapples in cities.
  • Instead of just clicking to create the food, change it to combining ingredients in 2 or more slots with specific recipes and cook it with a little longer time but you can cook multiple food at once, like 10 food at once.
  • Planting crops by players themselves.


  • In water NPC's Should be able to swim freely in oceans(currently they stick to the ground).
  • Add shops (Pet shop, potion store, barber shop, etc.)
  • Add Auctions(multiplayer) and permanent shops(where sold items are kept permanently so another player can buy it).
  • Creation of groups with non-enemy NPCs (such as the roaming bands of units that aid you).
  • NPC parties can be hired to join the player temporarily(for bringing allies to your enemies instead of the other way).
  • When an NPC group is attacking a high-level mob and you aid them and kill it, you will receive a small reward from them and/or some specific text.
    • Example: An NPC can state that there is a hidden chest in the city that holds valuable weapons/armor/supplies etc...
  • You can engage in conversation with another NPC, gaining background story, gossip, helpful strategies, items, bargains, etc.
  • Party system with NPCs found in the world. (Max 2).
  • NPC-wanderers loot enemies. Player can barter/trade for these items.
  • NPC-farmers and gatherers. Player can buy some ingredients from them (e.g. ~5-7 heart flowers for sale, better food items such as pumpkin pie or fruit salad).
    • NPC-farmers and gatherers replant the pumpkins and Pineapples.
    • Stealing the pumpkins and pineapples causes the Npc-farmers to yell at you/dislike you.
  • Fast travel between cities using NPC wagon.
  • Trade carts passing from two cities.
    • Which can be raided.
    • Raiding trade carts cause cities to dislike you and not trust you. Saving trade carts from raids causes cities to like you and the Npcs that the player had 'saved' rewards him/her.
  • Mobs have specific habitats and do not move freely.
  • Increased amount of mobs.
  • Mobs will fight against specific other mobs. (Dogs and cats)
  • Horses can be bought in stables(if it would be made).
  • NPC progression such as aging, marriage, bringing up children,Setting up business, leaving home for adventure
  • Other NPC such as Priests, Doctors, Guards, Leaders (mayor/monarch/Overlord)
  • NCP guilds/cults; groups of NCPs that do a specific skill. Thieves guild, The schools of magic, or even evil dark magic groups. Some groups would be specific to races like

an undead magic cult or elf rangers. A player can be accepted into a guild if they meet their requirements.

  • Sailors, random NPCs sailing from place to place, drops are dried fish(food) and a map(useless, you can sell to other NCPs.)
    • Argonauts, found next to/on Argos on beaches/in oceans. Argos are large ships which you can 'rent' and travel around on and go faster than boats and can carry more people, some of whom can freely move around on the Argo.
      • sailors who let you ride with them across the ocean
  • Gardeners, which restore grass blocks that have been bombed/smashed
  • Roaming NPCs more likely to help their own race, and won't defend you from their own race unless you are also the race

Mobs (creatures that aren't necessarily pets)

  • Weaping angels
  • Whales
  • Squids
  • Octopuses
  • Mermaids
  • Sea serpents
  • Hydras
  • Snakes
  • Mummies
  • Mutant plants
  • Living Trees
  • Snow Beetle
  • Water Beetle
  • Flying Beetle
  • Giant Octopus (Boss)
  • wyvern (boss)
  • Jellyfish
  • Giant Turtle (Boss and you can tame)
  • Spiders (or not...)
  • Big Cats (Lions, Tigers etc)
  • Fairies
  • Dragons
  • Scorpions (regular mob for deserts, maybe passive but also tameable)
  • Sandworms.
  • bandits.
  • Medusa(boss)
  • Griffon
  • Pirates(Ocean specific).
  • Loch Ness Monster (Boss Ocean)
  • Gargoyle
  • Kraken (Boss)
  • Ghost
  • Centipedes which are found in forests and are tameable but are hostile. Tamed with a beetle pet or an insect pet (fly, mosquito, etc)]]
    • Millipedes, which are found in forests in large groups (5-7) and are passive, unless you attack one then they will all come down on you like a ton(ne) of bricks. Food found in the New Pets section below, as well as their bonuses.
  • Cockatrice (Boss)
  • T-Rex (Boss)
  • Manticore
  • Gelatinous Cube
  • Elementals(e.g. fire,air,water,earth,ice that can be found in different biomes e.g. fire in Lavalands, water in Ocean, air in Sky biomes,earth in Desert biomes, ice in Snow biomes ect . . .).
  • Chimeras (Boss)
  • Spirit animals (normal animals but ghostly in appearance and with different abilities) which can be found in the upcoming undead biome.
  • Dryads
  • Gorgons
  • Treant (Boss, large tree enemy that throws logs at you and waits without moving until attacked. Possibly first Neutral Boss.)
  • Dementor (Similar to Harry Potter Dementor, attacks at close range and eats your health. Summoned by Lich and found in Undead biome.)
  • Phoenix (Can not be permanently killed. Low HP, but more damage than a Wizard laser spell. Attacks faster as well. When defeated, turns into ash which can either be picked up and kept as a pet, or, if left on the ground, can respawn as a hostile Phoenix again.)
  • Hydra (Boss, can be slain with insanely high HP, low damage, and an attack to replace Cyclone where every head it has (varies on difficulty) bangs into the ground destroying blocks similar to a Power 5 Bomb explosion.)
  • Phantom (Weak, similar to Frighteners, but high HP and damage. Slow, and can fly. Perhaps looks like a Skeleton, Frightener, and Lich combined? On the size scale of a Frightener?)
  • Flash (Boss Mob. Faster than normal player speed, this mob will randomly teleport and will be found as a lone mob in a dungeon (similar to finding a Saurian or Lich.) Will appear to be a completely white figure of an Undead, and when encountered, will flash in front of the player. It will be labeled ??? and can take no damage. If attacked, a low screech is played and a small, white robed, VERY FAST Lich with White Eyes and a Black Staff will appear a good distance from the player, but it can still be seen and is automatically hostile. It attacks by teleporting behind the player occasionally and dealing massive damage. It also will do a Cyclone towards the player with its staff extended on rare occasion. When low on health, it will use the laser spell that Wizards and Witches use, but the laser is black and does decent damage. He will use this laser a lot when on low health.)


Major Changes

  • Portable furnace/anvil/workbench/campfire/loom/etc.
  • Spirit stones in armor.
  • Ability to type the amount of something you want crafted. For instance typing 25 into the Water Flask crafting bar and have it automatically craft 25. (Could be a slider)
  • Deconstruct armor for some materials.
  • Ability to change armor colors.
  • Crafting skill, (instead of randomly getting an extra two iron blocks you would get more yield the higher your crafting level).
  • Armor customization.
  • Able to use the scroll wheel to scroll through the menu.
  • Able to either change the position of existing blocks or refundable player-placed blocks. Maybe spending special coins for retrieving spirits?
  • Drop '[Item] Frame' as a rare loot item, using it to craft an item from scratch (weapon, armor, etc.)
    • Begins with minimal existing blocks to maintain basic shape as reference.
    • On initial crafting, grant a number of starting blocks as to not drain all the player's materials.
    • Weapon Frames and Armor Frames might either have to have stats to the frame or might only be compatible with a 'transmogrify' option to give the look to an existing piece of equipment.
  • Boats and hang-gliders can be upgraded or crafted
  • Items such as name tags that can be used at an anvil to change a piece of armor or a weapon's name to one of your own chosing.
  • Combining materials instead of just clickling it to craft.

Minor Changes

  • Ability to adapt weapons more than once (Maybe for a higher price?)
  • Rebalancing the price of weapon custmization
  • More unique craft-able items.
  • More weapon/armor templates.
  • Ability to upgrade an item's rarity.
  • More spirit cubes per weapon.
  • Ability to revert item adaptation.
  • Mana flower, for crafting mana potion
  • Combining spirit cubes. For instance, a +14 Unholy combined with a +23 Unholy makes a +37 Unholy.
    • Note two of the same level can be combined to produce one of the next level (Something like, 14 + 14 gives a 17 spirit)
  • Some sort of transmogrification.
  • Able to use more blocks in item customization(gold, silver, emerald...) and ability to add more than 32 (perhaps without a bonus to the item for the extra pieces)
    • the higher an item level is the more upgrades it can afford.
  • Drinking potion yields flasks back to the player, or a new more expensive reusable flask available in stores
  • Dyes so you can change the colour of your gear.
  • Able to adapt spirit cubes
  • upgrade cubes can be put back in inventory
  • bushes always drop at least one wood and fiber.
  • Spirit cubes can be amplified to match a specified power while sacrificing a rare item(the rarer it is, the more it can be altered).
  • The ability to destroy items for raw materials (e.g. turning a simple dagger +10 to 3 iron ingets).


Major Changes

  • Pet breeding. Pet breeding will depend on its gender and personality/type of pet. Pets can only breed in pet daycares.
    • Pet personalities(Lazy personality: Slower but stronger, slacks around occationaly and doesn't listen all the time when you call it or try to ride it ('T' or 'R'). Feisty personality: Loves fighting/less likely to listen to you and will charge at enemies randomly(more likely to level up faster). Loyal personality: Like a normal pet but if your close to death it will 'sacrifice' itself for you(Example: if a skullbull is attacking you and about to kill you your pet will steal its attention and give you time to heal/kill it quickly. ect...).
    • Pet love meter. As the meter increases the pet gets stronger when fighting around/for you. If the pet is given to another player the pet feels 'betrayed' and will reset the pet's meter back to 0%. Treats can be given to it to increase its love meter (the same pet food that you have given it to tame it). The more you use your pet and the longer you keep it out of your inventory the more it loves you (depending on the personality).
    • Pet daycare in each town(Allows breeding/leveling/changing personality). You can only have 1-2 pets inside the daycare at once.
    • Battle Tutor: If you have a new pet and you wanna train it but your pet keeps dieing before it can get the exp and level up, you can talk to the Battle Tutor and drop it off at the daycare for a price of copper-silver coins. The price increases the longer you keep your pet there/pet love meter decreases or increases the longer you keep it there depending on the personality/the price depends on the pet's level/love meter/personality.
    • Pet specific skills: Pet should be able to perform skills. For example, monkeys should be able to swing from vines in the jungle and carry you so you can travel faster. Crocodiles should be able to perform the death roll in the water, grabbing their pray and paralysing them for a short while. Penguins should be able to slide on their bellies and ride really fast in the snow. Camels should never run out of water or run out of water much slower than all other pets. Porcupines should damage enemies that hit them...

There are plenty more I can come up with but I didn't have the time to write. Here's the algorithm for it, Pet+condition (optional) =skill. Example: Bat + cave = bleed affect every hit, Porcupine + (no condition) = chance to deal damage to the attacker when hit. The ones that have no condition should generally be chances (ex:25% chance of porcupine dealing damage to attacker when hit). Here's an example when a skill with no condition isn't a chance: The horse's speed should be faster than most mobs in general in all biomes. But the monkey, who can swing from vine to vine and carry you, in the jungle only, would be faster than the horse in the jungle but slower everywhere else because of being reduced to walking. The same can be said about the penguin which slides on his belly in the snow and can have you on his back. There should be one skill per pet which either pertains to movement or combat.

    • Pet Breeder: If you want another pet for your friend or in another color(Brown and white alpacas) you can talk to the Pet Breeder to breed it with another one of the pets in the daycare. Each city can only breed certain pets depending on how large it is/ the location of the city because each daycare has a stock of its own pets inside(About 1-5 pets only).
    • Personality Tutor: In the corner of the pet daycare there is a Personality Tutor that gives you the option to change your pet's personality. The tutor can only change your pets personality for a cost of platinum coins depending on the personality you want to change it to. Each town's Personality tutor can only have 2-3 personalities it can teach(If there was more that would be too easy to get an overpowered pet).
    • Pet store. The pet store sells items equitable for pets only/pet food (Rather than having the merchant sell pet food). The pet store can also allow you to adopt a pet from the store (Some pets are rarer than other/more expensive). Pet stores can only have 1-5 pets in a store total. The player would have to travel to other pet stores in other cities to see other pets. The further away the city is from the spawn the more likely the store is going to sell rare pets.
  • Pets can equip armor/tools/pet packs (Backpacks for pets. Only certain pets can carry them [alpacas, camels, horses, ect...]).
  • Pets can carry items/can do special attacks (Like the mage's fireblast).
    • Example: Alpacas can spit a certain distance. Turtles can shield their owner. Moles can dig through grass/stone blocks to reach you easier.
  • Pets don't count as item: impossible to carry pets in cages (it makes no sense)
  • Capping number of pets you can have to one. To switch pets, you should assign a pet to a house (maybe new "dog house" building).
  • Pets can be irreversibly killed (as an option).
  • Ability to change pet colors.
  • When pets are under-leveled they gain XP 2x as fast. Or instead they gain more exp the bigger the gap to the player is, so a lv 10 pet of a lv 30 player would get like 50xp from a 10xp enemy, a lv 20 pet would get 20xp a lv 30 pet would only get the normal 10xp, something like that.
  • Pet skills.
  • Pet equipment. (Armor, Shoes, Helmets)
    • Pet armor (one piece only)
  • option to toggle on pet damage popups, similar to the ones the player sees upon dealing or receiving damage
  • Pet commands
    • Attack/Defend owner/ Defend certain player
    • Passive/Idle
    • Pet tricks?
    • Distract target.
    • Keep distance/Stay close.
      • Dance, back flip, roll over, etc.
  • Do a kind of transformation for each pet, for example, starting from the lvl 30 pet Collie, gain greater appearance, darker, gain details of bones in the face, and use fire attacks. (Ageing)
    • Another example, turtle pets change to be more like Saurians (maybe the changes and abilities are affected by the owner's race and/or class?)
    • Yes pets evolving. Maybe at certain lvls they evolve and you can choose between 2 different looks maybe with different skills.
      • Maybe there could also be a pet salon where you can change the look of your pet. Like the color and where you can also switch the style if you want.
  • Put powers in pets, such as fire, light, darkness, water, ice, earth, air.
  • Give each pet something unique it can do, like the Turtle and the Spitter have. For instance, Bunnies could jump high when mounted. Slimes could stick to the floor of the ocean and offer the usual travel speed. Mosquitos could drain life.
    • Different pets would have different uses for combat or traveling, making it more useful to keep multiple pets on hand. Combat-orientated pets would be obvious to their use, but some travel-based pets might have:
      • Sprint - Faster speed, faster hydration-loss
      • Endurance - Slower hydration-loss
      • Pounce - Jumps higher
      • Flutter - Slow-fall (Should not replace Hang Glider skill)
      • Cling - Able to climb while remaining mounted (Should not replace Climbing skill)
  • Option to have a health bar over the pet all the time without having to toggle health bars for everything on in every fight when you prefer them off, just so you don't have to look to the left mid-battle and risk dying or miss that your pet is about to die. Also hide it when it's fully healed.
  • Mountable flying pets
  • Class restricted pets (E.g Rouge: scorpion, spider. Mage: Owl. Warrior: Wolf. Ranger: ???)
  • All mobs can be tamed (less humanoids), but depends on a taming skill. The higher the skill, the higher the level and the mob that can be tamed. Example: at level 1 only could tame rabbits and low level mobs, and at level 20 skull bulls and more. At higher levels it could even tamed even bosses, with the condition that have very low life.
  • Different pets have different default speed which can be influenced by the players riding skill
    • Pets move at least the same speed as the player when running. (the pathfinding should be better so they don't get so far behind.
    • Pets can, move around/climb/find a way out, if they get stuck. Possibly T should give them an incentive to move and find a way out so you don't lose your pet all the time.
    • You can recall a pet with T even if you're close cause sometimes a pet just gets stuck or won't come to you in a dungeon and you get in a fight and T doesn't work because you're to close.
  • Fossil pets pets that can be found inside of rocks inside caves like ores, they can be tamed by giving them bones that are dropped by skeletons. They can also differ in rarity like maybe a Dino skeleton is the rarest and a rat skeleton is the most common.
  • The implementation of pet talent systems where each type of pet (e.g. tanks,melee,magic,healers ect. . .) get their own unique abilities which can be unlocked by spending talent points on their respective talent trees. Just like the player's talent system.
  • Big or giant creatures that can be tamed with multiple food but they can carry 2 or more players, depend on the size.
  • Combat on pet or riding.
  • Pets can ride in your boat, larger pets are in a little boat tied to yours maybe, or it's only possible for smaller pets.
  • An image of a pet is shown in the inventory, just the cage makes it hard to find a pet sometimes.

Minor Changes

  • Water Flasks can be used to refill pet's water.
  • Pets show what type they are (melee, magic, ranged, tank, etc.).
  • Starter pets. (chosen from the pets that can be tamed from foods that can be bought in Cities)
    • Few choices (3-5)
  • Pets show that they leveled up.
  • Have a separate "mount" key than the universal use key
    • 'P' key maybe?
  • The 'T' key both calls and dismisses pet already present
  • Mounted combat
  • Pets faint instead of dying.
  • Mounted sprinting.
  • A key to toggle a mounted pet to auto-run forward.
    • Possibly allowing managing inventory or eating on the run, but would have to prevent mounting during combat to prevent cheese tactics.
  • A pet's level can be upgraded to your own level using platinum coins

New Pets

  • Baby Skullbulls (?)
  • Donkeys
  • Goats/Rams
  • Tigers/Leopards/Panthers (Big Cats)
  • Seals
  • Polar bears
  • Weasle
  • Bevers
  • Badgers
  • Oxes
  • Snakes
  • Bears
  • Ducks
  • Squids/Octopuses
    • Common animals
  • MORE TANKS! ex. armadillos, porcupines should be a tank, pangolins
  • Legendary pets: Dragon, get from Dragon egg raised near any fire; can fly and depending on the dragon could breath elements. Griffin, Found in the mountains; can fly, increases the chances of getting money from an enemy, and when mounted it heals the player (Griffins are believed to have special medical properties in their claws and feathers)
  • Lion, find in savannah( planned biome; read at picroma)

tame with golden ball of yarn (lol) ride-able. Golem, use ancient rune spell on boulder; can smash boulders.

  • Centipedes/Millipedes, tamed with a fly pet/plant material (crafted with multiple plant fibre and logs using a pestle and mortar, which could be bought at an item shop.
    • Bonuses: you can attack while riding centipedes and millipedes can climb walls with you on them and with you not on one it can go along ceilings however it doesn't attack unless something hits it/you. Centipedes are medium speed melee and millipedes are medium speed tanks
  • Giant Spider (or not...)
  • Beagle
  • Vulture
  • eagle
  • Gorilla
  • Toads
  • Hamsters (lures enemy away from player with cuteness)
  • Diabloceratops (It's a thing, trust me. If you don't, search for it on Wikipedia)/Nasutoceratops (search on Wikipedia)
    • If you think that I'm strange, just look at their skulls on Wikipedia, they look really wierd
  • Giraffes
  • Water pets like dolphins, seahorses etc. Only usable in water, you can ride/hold on to them to move faster underwater. Is stronger against water NPC's or maybe other pets are less powerful under water.
    • Pets that would not be able to swim (flying pets).
    • You and land pets are not able to stay under water forever, have to come up to breath (the pet would not regain it's health while it's coming up to breath). Water pets would be able to stay and keep attacking.
  • Able to tame wolves with rotten flesh dropped by undead.
    • (Wolves already are technically tamable with apple pie, it's just not possible currently)
  • Phoenix (see the Mobs section for more info)

General Gameplay


  • Class quests.
    • Assassination missions for rogues and rangers(kill a specific target silently,from a maximum distance or in a specified time).
    • Seek-and-Destroy missions for warriors and mages(kill large groups of bandits.etc).
  • Major quests:
    • Pet quests(quests which require bringing specific pets,leveling a pet to a certain level,finding pet foods).
    • Escort quests.
    • Huge battles quests between friendly and enemy NPC
  • Minor quests:
    • Food quests(which require cooking rare food or getting difficult ingredients).
    • Brawl quests(fighting hand-to-hand in taverns)
    • Race quests.
    • Errands.
    • Small town quests(Non-dangerous quests that only reward the player with small amounts of money). To receive a quest the player has to talk to a NPC with a red speech bubble above their head. The NPC states their problem and the player can choose to accept or decline the quest.
      • Example: An old lady needs to go to the merchant and buy pet food for their pet but cannot find the time to do so. If the player goes to the merchant and buys the pet food and holds it out to the old lady the lady will take it and reward you with a small amount of money.
      • See my idea below about different difficulty quests on each level. These small town quests would be blue, maybe white to distinguish them from quest for which you need to leave town.
      • I see a lot of quests idea's here that would start with talking to an NPC I think people would really like that.
  • Easy, normal and hard quests on each level, these quests should be identifiable by the color of the 'I have a quest for you' sign above someones head (blue = easy/quick, yellow = normal, red = difficult/long).
  • The higher level errand, escort and looking for ingredients or items quests could have; more stuff to deliver at different places, more things you are looking for, escorting someone by a certain dangerous route they 'have to take' (I need to go to there and there through the blabla forest, when you try to go around they tell you they don't want to go that way).
  • The higher level errand, escort and looking for ingredients or items quests should/could involve different biomes. For example someone in the greenlands wants something from, need to go to, needs to have this delivered at this place in the snowbiome.
  • It should be possible to deny quests like an escort quest, especially if you have to take a certain route.
  • On higher levels not only big quests and lots of stuff to do because some people are not allowed/able to play long periods of time and then large quests can take a long time to finish.
  • More focus on survival aspect: less cities, random traders, more wild plants, meat etc.
    • Maybe have certain biomes like the jungle and lavalands have 0-1 city and no random traders so they are more focused on survival. Deserts and Icelands have 1 city and a few traders in oases/along rivers and stuff like that. Greenlands would have 3-5 smaller towns and some traders and inns along roads and rivers, the same for oceans with towns and traders on bigger islands (and pirates).
    • Quests would be tied into this idea with more trade/escort/brawl errant type quests in the more hospitable bioms. And more survival, item finding, food etc. quests in the harsher biomes.
  • Achievements or experience points or a tracking system for climbing tall mountains, hang gliding for a long amount of time, diving into deep oceans, and other exploration type activities.
    • Just make sure they're actual achievements instead of 'Congrats for playing the game'.


  • Shoulder-cameras.
  • Auto adjust camera when going indoors to a better zoomed in view instead of outside the building.
  • Better zoomed in camera view oriented at the view of the characters eyes
  • Smoother camera movement when going down a hill (camera being placed close to the floor)
  • Zoom in when customizing weapons to be able to see what you are doing easier
  • Players should become invisible (only to themselves) when zoomed in all the way (I.E. you cannot see yourself when zoomed in all the way and jumping where you currently get your view blocked by the inside of your own head)

Hang gliding, sailing and teleportation

  • System implementing flight.
    • Flying rideable pets, too?
  • Cities in the air.
  • Climbing skills.etc advances as does them.
  • More Boats and Gliders.
    • Upgradable boats, add more sails, enlarge hull, and add weapons and storing compartments. Maybe even have a crew.
  • Updrafts/downdrafts/air pockets to make Hang gliding more interesting.
    • Perhaps once you put a certain number of points into hang glide (10-15 or so.. maybe more) You can actually SEE the updrafts/etc.
    • Water currents for sailing, similar to winds while hang gliding.
    • Make the glider not need stamina or holding down W all the time just to go forwards, just make using stamina be better for keeping your height or something.
  • Climbing certain surfaces depletes more or less stamina (easy to climb trees and ladders, hard to climb buildings, etc.).
  • A hook to climb the steep surfaces or spending less stamina
  • More teleportation stones, or a ability to buy a Friend-Teleportation in a store.
    • Emergency teleporter
    • Portals in towns players have visited?

Fighting and loot

  • Reworked loot system: The percentages for the class the loot is supposed for are adjusted depending on the classes the players have. e.g.: If the player plays a warrior more warrior equipment is being dropped
  • Gameplay progression: at certain levels/after certain quests world changes, becomes more evil, unlocks new levels and items etc.
  • Punishment for death like losing a level, money or items.
  • More unique movesets for enemies, to make the game require quick reactions instead of rhythm. (Currently, when you "know" mobs and their attack speed, dodging/timed attacks are pretty much more of a matter of rhythm than reaction)
  • Actual elemental resistances and damage (Can be forged on weapons and armor just like Spirit-Cubes)
  • 1-4 Passive-effects/Auras on bosses (Like on elite mobs in diablo) e.g. Movement-Speed slowing auras etc. (+1 bosses get 1 passive effect, +2 bosses get two and so on)
  • RNG Proc enchantments for gear (maybe in form of cubes that can be added) e.g. 1% chance per cube to launch a fireball on an attack (lower chance or damage for faster weapons)
  • Class mixture eg. warrior+mage=battlemage.etc.
  • Revival delay,the more frequent the deaths the longer it takes to revive
  • More helpful combat
    • Level of mob shown as well as difficulty (already implemented in a way: name color: white = easy, blue = around same power, orange = above power, red = way above power, but in the end a blue one can smash you while you can smash a red one)
    • NPC levels shown (see above)
    • AoE abilities
    • NPC healthbar also shows numbers like 130/300
  • More Combos
  • Class level up balance(It is harder to level up as a lvl 2 warrior than a lvl 1 rogue).
  • Monsters that you can't kill or are too strong for your level have Red name
  • Lamps become an item to grant minor bonuses that also applies to nearby allies (Doesn't have to be out to grant aura bonus).
  • Ability to fight from a boat
  • Being able to throw bombs from a hanglider.
  • Sea battles with boats against pirates.
  • Ability to fight from rideable pets.
  • Being able to obtain fully customisable cannons for the boat.

Inventory, crafting, shops, etc

  • Ability to have inventory/crafting/skills open while moving.
    • (Maybe as an option that you can turn on/off)
    • Ability to change potions, food and bombs while moving
    • Having bombs and potion/food on different keys so you don't accidentally kill yourself and you can use them more easily.
      • Ability to move inventory/crafting/skills frames so you can use them better if you use a smaller screen.
  • Right click and hold to buy things faster.
  • Guild establishment.
    • Major guilds can build their own empires(MMO only).
    • Default game factions such as bandits,adventurers,knights,mages guild,mercs.etc.
  • Different prices for items. A lot of items are 2 copper even though they're pretty rare.
  • Animation for crafting things.
    • Hammering at an anvil, Putting coal in the furnace, brewing potions, etc
  • make the amount of platinum coins to adapt stuff more realistic
    • My purple power 52 longsword is 1920 platinum coins (I have 105) to get it to 65, and while I don't search for bosses specifically, I've fought a few and they give you, it seems,way too few platinum coins which makes it almost impossible to adapt my sword. It is now 2662 after a couple of levelups and I have 172 platinum coins.
  • Add red tinting for equipment and other things that aren't usable due to missing level or power (pet's are level tied...) to make it easier to find newly usable things in a cluttered inventory
    • Add tinting for equipment and other things when they are unusable due to your class.
    • Tinting for usable equipment that is on your level.
    • Tinting is also shown in shops
  • Sell candles or torches which could be used as Quick Items to provide temporary light.

Environment and cities

  • More destructible environments.
  • Current minimap is blocking a lot of view when zoomed in.
  • Merchants that are found outside of the city.
  • Settlements between major cities
  • Invasion of monsters in cities.

Character and customization

  • Chests used to store items. Chests could be opened by all characters. Could also possible be used to transfer items between characters.
  • Adding chests to put down items with your first character and pick up with your second character.(note: this can already be done, you just have to drop items on the ground and they will stay here forever)
  • Adding new classes, such as: Bard, Esquire (which uses 2 shells), Healer, Buffer, Shooter. Tamer? (Can use up to 3 tamed pet at the same time)
  • Adding professions such as mining, tailor, blacksmith, etc..
  • Get rid of the power system, in the end it's still just tied to the player level as you get power x at level y, it's just more confusing and annoying than knowing "ah, I can use this sword in 2 more levels" instead of "I can use this in one more power, but I didn't got any for the last two level ups, so when can I use it then?". Just cap the item level, it'd be then like capping the power.
  • H as key to open a Tab like menu for selecting the Special Item used with G.
  • player personal records
  • Possibility to change key mapping.
    • Possibility to play without a middle mouse button. Double tap wasd for dodging and using the arrowkeys to move your item whilst customizing.
  • More in-depth character customization.
    • Player can have a feeling that their character is unique and one of a kind.
    • Player can feels that they really own this character.
    • Ability to change your hair by going to a hairdresser.
  • Ability to change cross-hair color.
  • Link or Merge Characters with Cube World Account.
  • Lamps can light in a circle, or in a forward cone with farther range.
  • Full customization of hanglider and boat.


  • The Ability to PAUSE singleplayer
  • More reliable saves.
  • Book with basic information about the game and UI
  • Changable UI size
  • Auto walk key for these long journeys over the ocean or through the lands


  • Biome bosses.
  • Monsters in the air.
  • Some different biomass such as:
    • Deep sea biomes with underwater caves and creepy cthulhu-like creatures that wait for you in the dark (for higher level characters, maybe?)
    • Mushroom biomes
    • Biomes volcano (with gray)
    • Biomes obscure, with dead trees, and zombies.
    • Underwater biomes as the Atlantean.
    • Biomes lava
    • Biomes underground
    • Biomes in the clouds and only monsters of the air, if you fall below the clouds is a biome lava.
    • Demon portals in lavalands that teleports the player to hell biomes. These will have mobs like demons and dungeons like demon fortresses.

World Features

  • More cities per biome.
    • Biome Kingdoms?
    • Larger biomes/land areas
  • Different World types (i.e. Mini-Biomes)
  • Be able to set and store waypoints / coordinates.
  • Map notes.
  • Cities are embattled, and some guards keep watch.
  • Caves large enough for exploration
    • Deeper cave systems that go deep down into the earth and possibly a cave biome.
  • Lighthouses dungeons on Ocean Biomes
  • Sea currents.
  • Underwater Ruins as dungeons for Ocean Biomes.
  • More Landscapes:
    • Mediterranean-styled landscape
    • Patagonia-styled landscape
    • Outback-styled landscape
    • Great forest landscape
  • Lone mills, farms, outposts, towers, etc
  • Small villages besides the main town, featuring only one shop
  • Destroyed villages and broken buildings in the lavalands biome.
  • Outposts, inns, small shops along roads and rivers.
  • More architectural styles (for human towns):
    • Brick-themed towns
    • Roman-themed towns
    • Japanese-themed towns
    • Chinese-themed towns
  • Towns of the different races, each having a unique style and feel
  • docks and harbours in towns in ocean biomes.
  • Portals that lead into unique dungeons in their own areas.
    • Would allow complex caves that do not interfere with overworld map.
      • Underwater cave dungeon would be trippy.
    • Sky dungeons would be possible without breaking hang glider travel.
      • Traveling to the edge/bottom of dungeon instance could kill, cause damage, drain stamina, or teleport to start.
  • Suggestions for flying mounts or sky dungeons could be limited to a special 'flyable biome'.
    • How boats are useful rarely in most biomes and very in ocean biomes, hang gliders would be useful rarely in most biomes and very in 'flyable biomes'.
    • Limits combat while traveling, but would be a blast to explore floating islands and sky dungeons.
  • Once world building is available, ability to decorate home with old favorite weapons/ armor using weapon racks, sword pedestals, mannequins, rugs, pictures, etc.
  • Chests you can hold items in. Possibly chests where the items you put in stay in there if you switch characters so you can give things to your other characters.


  • Proper aggro system (if one player stops attacking the enemy for a few seconds while another player attacks, they will get aggro)
  • PvP factions.
  • Arena
  • Be able to have multiple people on a boat or multiple pets.
  • Dueling.
  • Trading system.
    • Mailing system.
  • Hardcore servers
  • save the most recently entered IP address, so you don't have to enter it every time you want to connect to a server
    • Maybe a list of already used IP?
  • Emotes.
  • Reconnect command
    • This already exist: you can type "/connect server_ip" in the chat
  • Automatic even distribution of coins with your group
  • Group loot system (mainly for rare items)
  • Administration system with commands to kick or ban a player.
  • Big multiplayer servers.
    • Increase maximum number of players in server.
  • Player-owned shops or buying and selling between players
  • Lag compensation
  • Stealthed players are hidden from other players(can't be seen in map nor can you see their names).
  • Fix LAN servers. Can never connect to a friend's game. -- Most people can play just fine, so be more specific --Lg188 (talk) 13:14, 12 August 2013 (CDT)


  • Split Class and General skills, and award 1 skill point of both types at level up instead of 2 general skill points. My group of friends and I find that we spend all of our levels on travel skills, and none on our actual class. Forcing the points to be spent half-and-half may improve gameplay.
    • Would help in balancing the introduction of additional skills.
  • Crowd control abilities (especially for ranged classes to help keeping distance)
    • (Crowd Control Abilities are already planned for the future)
  • Skill tree to increase stamina regeneration/maximum stamina.
  • More skills for specific specializations. (Fill up that fourth ability button).
  • Weapon sets/ability to switch weapons on the fly
  • More class specific skill trees (three for each class)
  • Bigger skill trees (more abilities and upgrades)
  • Add skill tree, more differentiated level skills, strength, etc..
  • Add different skill, eg: Mage (Meteor), Warrior (Sword of Fire), and so on.
  • Stamina usage for special attacks and power attacks(RMB button) instead of MP.
  • Add different animations for each spell.
  • Some animations for sequences different attack.
  • Add supreme skills, an ability that is unique for each race.
  • Add surviving skills
    • for example Mining skills gives you more ore when you mine (depending on your level)
  • Each race has their own unique perk or ability.
    • Frogmen could jump higher, Undead could revive where they died after a timer, etc.
    • If not unique to each race, then group races together by added abilities/traits.
      • Some races are better as some classes or have attributes (elves are better rangers and also slowly gain stealth from being in shadows as they are quieter, but goblins are crafty, get items cheaper, sell things for more and do better as rogues) humans are equally good at everything however worse when compared to the specialty of a race, yet adapt as they fight different classes (a water mage fighting a lot of fire mages might become a steam mage who has a special ability where he/she can create clouds beneath their feet so they can sort of walk on air. Ability would last as long as a body of water is nearby)
  • Race based skill trees
  • Sidestepping as another type of dodging.
  • Mentioned in Misc Skills, skills automatically level up from usage so you spend more points on what you want, not what you need (aka traveling skills)
  • Sight Skill Tree
    • Night Vision - See further with light sources.
    • Danger Sense - See presence of enemies through walls, through trees, and around corners.
      • Would require a cooldown of some sort, not fitting into other general skills, so maybe not... but still an inspiring idea.
  • Being able to wield two sets of weapons which we could quickly change by a keybind during combat.

Class Specific


  • Necromancers that can use abilities such as:
    • Raising 1-2 zombies or skeletons that disappear after 30 seconds(Like the Mana shield).
      • The time limit can be extended as you level up.
    • A 'Reaper ball' attack that weakens the foe over time(Like poison).
    • A 'Death Cloak' attack that blinds and weakens enemies.
  • Level up increase maximum mana for mages
  • Quicker basic spell.
  • Add Base Damage Blocked to the Mana Shield spell so the % values have more meaning.
  • They have scrolls that serve to learn different spells.
  • Wind Mage subtree that can use abilities such as:
    • A Windvortex that pulls every enemy in a certain radius to you
    • A Wind aura that damages enemies in melee range
    • A (maybe RMB?) ability that slowly pushes enemies it hits back. (maybe in a cone in front of you) While being pushed back, enemies can still attack and are not incapacitated
    • A swiftness/evasion ability that makes enemy attacks miss for a couple of seconds
    • A passive ability that has a chance to make your attacks trigger a proc that increases your movement speed after the next middle mouse button dodge for a few seconds
  • Ice Mage specialization that focuses on lowering enemy attack and movement speed.
    • Weapon abilities would be around the same, but with pale-blue or white colors.
    • First ability could be Chilling Storm (Offensive) - Creates a lingering area around you that slows enemies.
    • Or maybe... Ice Armor (Support) - Solidifies extra defense to self or targeted ally.
      • 'Ice Armor' looks to be a party-friendly Mana Shield, so maybe not... or maybe so, then have some other mage ability that's slightly sub-par to Fire Explosion and Healing Stream.


  • Make it easier to get around while in stealth by making holding shift automatically move as fast as possible without losing stealth, so the speed adjusts to the light, that way you don't have to tap around in brighter areas with a lower skill
  • Let assassins hide in corners on the roofs/ceilings of objects, stealth while doing so and have intercept make you leap down to attack someone below you
  • Give ninjas another ability where they can wallrun for a short time then use intercept to leap off the wall wherever the player faces and attack them (different to normal in that it's a slightly different attack: fists and you shoulder the enemy to stun them; with knives one curls round the back to then slash and the other stabs into the front unless the enemy is to big for the knife to go all the way round, then the knife will try to go as far round as possible before stabbing and finally longswords, where you kick the enemy in the face then frontflip over their head to perform an overhead chop into the enemy whilst still in the air)


  • Starting Pets
    • Common animals
    • Very few choices (3-4)
  • Scouting abilities
    • Scout pets that increase some skills as long as they are summoned.
  • Augmented arrows(Fire,poison,MP drain,piercing,explosive).
  • New weapon:
    • Chakrams.
    • Javelin.
    • Chu-Ko-Nu (repeating crossbow, in a game where crossbows fire as fast as bows (seriously, what is with that? When I think of a crossbow I think of high damage, low fire rate and a flat arc, so it would go quite a long way) it would probably fire multiple bolts instead of 1)
    • Throwing knives.
    • Arbalests (large crossbows, probably the size of the player)
    • Ballistae (mega sized crossbows, very slow movement with them, you have to unpack them when you want to attack and no moving them when you have them unpacked, so not an ideal weapon for a scout. The player, however, would be able to move, just the ballista would stay where it was unpacked. Very large bolts dealing massive AoE damage but with a really low tempo)
  • Different upgrades:
    • Crossbows can be upgraded to hold more than one arrow.
    • Bows can upgraded with fiber too.
    • Iron boomerangs with blades
  • The retreat ability should also decrease fall damage.
  • Retreat ability can be used to leap forward so it would be better if the player leaped towards the direction he/she's moving instead of leaping towards the camera.
  • Knock-back effect on crit arrows?
  • More RMB skill, eg. shotgun arrows
  • Crossbows fire much slower, deal more damage, and does more damage to armored enemies (a boss with really good armor might take 30 damage from a bow, but takes 70 from a crossbow)


  • Charging up your right click attack and using your smash should add the damage together into one attack.
  • The warrior can block with the shield
    • When blocking,the warrior can perform a shield bash
  • Warriors have the ability to establish barricades either from the ground or using sandbags.
  • Arrows can be deflected by blocking the moment it reaches the player


  • Different types of boats:
    • Passenger boat(slow speed,4 seated and with place for pets).
    • Combat boat(Medium speed,2 seated,pet slots and with a small ballista or cannon)
    • Diving boat(can Dive for a limited amount of time)
    • Hoverboat(Magical boat with slow speed,5 seats w/ pets,viewports,can move on land).
  • Pets:
    • Wagon(6 seats,normal speed,has four inner seats for passengers and two outer seats,one for combat and the other for the driver)
    • Kite(Can be attached to rideable pet to allow flying with limited altitude.The pet cannot fly but has to run on the ground to keep the player in flight)
  • Gliding
    • Thermal lift in warm bioms and on mountain ridges. 50x50 blocks invisible area from ground to a limited altitude. In this area you can rise slowly (to the limited altitude by flying circles) and fill up you stamina slowly.
  • Upgrades:
    • Grinder(special attack for rideable pets which has damaged related to speed.Can also be used to pave the ground).
  • Easier to find portals/ ability to quick travel from city to city using carriage/ city cart system. (Only if the city has already been walked to.)


  • Having your mouse not disappear when you're on the framing part of the window. Right now it's hard to adjust the size of the window and to minimalize, enlarge and close it because you can't see your mouse.
  • More interesting spirit effects
  • The ability to remove spirits from equipment
    • Such as "2 % chance to cast a mage spell on hit". Or "ability/mana cost reduction". Or a mechanic that creates a visual on a weapon that grows more intense as you
    • Fight, perhaps it sparkles when fully charged, but can allow a "charge" attack that unleashes some interesting effect "such as spells, or status ailments"
  • Sky biome. The player can get skyboots or wings to equip in the specials slot that allows the player to travel to/walk on clouds and explore sky dungeons and fight new mobs (wyverns/harpies/ cloud monsters ect...)
    • The skyboots or wings can be obtained in a dungeon in the snow biome (Rare drop)
    • Storm clouds. Storm clouds have lightning monsters on them that protect a boss. The boss drops lightning spirits.
    • Lightning spirits increase attack speed and damage.
  • Backpacks that can be upgraded and customized.
  • Anti-cheating elements in the client (i.e. for cheat engine)
  • Sunken treasures
  • Ability to change names of gear/weapons for money
  • Slight ability to ride flying pets like a hang glider (Drains your pet's water meter less faster).
  • Easier Healing Stream targeting.(nearly impossible in groups w/pets)
  • Possibility to use a key for auto-running. (For example mouse 4 or Num Lock)
  • Ranger stealth change, you start at full stealth bar and it depletes. While not moving, you are actually hidden until the bar is depleted.
  • Numpad numbers trigger skills as well
  • Boat and hang gliding customization.
  • Ability to create groups and examine other players
  • Players can see damage done by their DOTs (damage over time spells/abilities) or pets. The numbers could possibly be in distinguishable colored text (For example: Dark green for rogue's poison).
  • Location in town to "Reforge" weapons; Costing money to remove all spirit cubes from a weapon/shield.
    • Also a place in towns to "Reconstruct" weapons; Costing platinum coins to re-create a sword (by moving around cubes that are default to a weapon/shield).
  • Alternating feet on jump animation.
  • Higher max stacks.
    • Or allowing the there to be multiple stacks of an item.
  • Item exchanging between two profiles.
  • Faster and easier traveling system from town to town
    • If add should be charged relative with the distance
      • You can only travel to another town if you already been there
  • When one player explores something on the map, all players on the server can see it on their maps, too.
    • Only members in party?
      • If parties are added, yes.
  • Siege combat and weapons.
    • Siege class with different siege weapons, such as mangonels or grenades or some form of explosives, and yes, there is reasoning behind that. There are bombs in Cube World, and there is Alchemy (potions), so there could be alchemical weapons that require ammunition so you could have charges which are set on walls (or at the base of those walls) and have them blow up, but instead of the normal bomb which just destroys blocks and they basically vanish, these would destroy blocks, but also send them flying back away from the explosion to hit and possibly crush the people behind the walls, with the battlements on top of the wall collapsing so there would be a pile of rubble at the base of the wall.
  • Jails.
  • Puzzle rooms and secrets in dungeons
  • Ability to transfer items/money between your own characters. (ex: pickup a bow when you're playing your rogue, you can then transfer the item to the correct character)
    • Already possible: Create a dedicated single player world, drop items you want to give on the floor, take them with your other character. If you mean an easier system to do that, I agree ^^
      • I second that. Or would it be that I third it? I created a world for the specific purpose of swapping items and don't explore it so it takes a short time to load
  • Adding Vampire as playable race
  • Flying mounts
  • Brighter map at night (hard to identify points of interest at night)
  • Possibility to recruit NPC's
  • Possibility of purchasing/building houses. Ideally, once you built or bought a home, it would act as a Portal for your character only.
  • Marrying NPC's
  • Enabling some sort of criminal carreer, with the possibility of ravaging and pillaging villages and killing non-hostile NPC's
  • Select the biome you will start the game.
  • A map on which the angle of view moves separately from the 3rd person view
  • Discrimination about chat logs and a button or command to clean. e.g: All, Battle Log, Chat Log, Private Log.
    • Or simply scrollable chat when you pressed Enter.
    • Shade and hide chat if there is no new message for about 30 seconds.
  • Custom markers in the map.
  • An arrow showing your friends or party members direction (mini-map). option to enabled or disable
  • Crime system. (i.e killing NPC's causes guards to attack you)
    • Add Town Guards
      • Allow stealing in towns thus increasing notoriety
  • possibly vehicles or fast travel between locations
  • Support to gamepad
  • start character creation from the front -.-
  • MOAR items sold in shops and a lot more expensive (for appreciation factor)
  • Unique features that is only accessible by people who owns an original Cube World, as cracked versions are always unavoidabble.
    • Example: Minecraft: Only people who owns original Minecraft can have skins without modded client, most of the servers can't be accessed by cracked versions.


  • Adding some classes and weapons.
  • Warrior:

Sword / Shield / Hatchet / Spears / Claves / sledgehammer average. (Swords Magic after class 2 onwards).

  • Mage:

Staff / Scepter / Lamps / Books / Stakes. (GreatStaff / GiantStaff class 2 onwards).

  • Archers:

Bow & Arrow / Beasts / Poison Blowgun / Daggers.

(beasts double last 3 classes).

  • Gardnards:

All types of shields (GreatShield / GiantShield / MassShield / SpikedShield) / Claws / Fists of Iron.

  • Bards:

Violins / Flutes / Guitars / Harps / Chakrans / Daggers / Staves / Rods.

  • Buffer:

Staff / Scepter / Lamps / Books / Cuttings / GreatStaff / GiantStaff.

  • Curator:

Mallets / Hammers / Cudgel / Claves / Shields / Bats / GiantSledgehammer / Staff / Staff / GiantStaff.

  • Saint:

Mallets / Hammers / Cudgel / Claves / Shields / Bats / GiantSledgehammer / Staff / Staff / GiantStaff.

  • Thief:

Daggers / Archery / Crossbows / Blowpipe / Beasts double.

  • Seer:

Cards / Magic Orb / Books / Chakrans / Staves / fans.

  • Beserker:

Greatsword / Shield Giant / Giant Double Sledgehammer / Axes / Giant Axe / Double Giant Axe / Truncheon / Spears / Claves / Magic Sword / Magic Hammer.

  • Shooter:

Dart guns / Crossbows / Guns mini arrows / guns iron beads / arrows thrown by hand (archer / archer Master)

  • Addition of a few classes, such as:
  • Warrior Classes
-Magic Gladiator

  • Mage Classes
  • Archer Classes
  • Gardnards Classes ( classes that uses two shields in battle.)
  • Bards Classes
  • Buffer Classes
  • Healer Classes

  • Saint classes
-Exorcist (dps)
  • Thief Classes
  • Seer Classes
  • Beserksers Classes
  • Sniper Classes
  • Paladin Classes

-Exorcist -Guardian -Templar

More In-Depth Classes

 !!! If it's not yours, DO NOT EDIT. !!!

  • Warrior:
~Uses dual weapons such as fist weapons/1 handed-swords/1 handed maces/1 handed axes/1 handed-blunt weapons.
~Abilities would be something like shouts to give buffs to self and others.
~Fast attacking, and can take a beating.
~Uses weapons such as 2 handed-swords/1 handed-sword with shield/2 handed-polearms.
~Abilities would be based off of blocking and swift counter-attacks. And really strong swipes and bashes.
~Slow, Tanky, and can deal a healthy amount of damage.
~Uses weapons such as 1 handed-axes/1 handed-swords/1 handed-blunt weapons/2 handed-swords/2 handed-axes/2 handed-maul.
~Abilities would be based off of heavy strikes and crazy barbaric attacks that able him to rip his foes apart.
~Quick, Giant attacks, and Vicious.
~Uses weapons such as 1 handed-swords/shield/flintlock pistols/crossbows/1 handed-blunt weapons.
~Abilities would be based off of cheap shots and get away.
~Cunning, Hardcore, not easy to pay for.
~Uses all 2 handed-weapons that are not ranged or magic.
~Abilities based off of ground rumbling attacks, and great bursts of strength with his massive weapons.
~Mean, Bloodlust, Power crazed.
~Uses weapons such as 2 handed-swords/2 handed-polearms/bows/1 handed-swords
~Abilities would be based of off swift clean attacks, and to charge into battle with killing blows.
~Loyal, Diligent, Reliable.
~Uses all weapons besides Mage weapons.
~Abilities would be based around overcoming their enemy and power attacks.
~Fearless, Strong, Ruthless.
~Uses Fist weapons/1 handed-axes/1 handed-maces
~Abilities would be based off of to land fast killing blows with reckless rage and destructive damage.
~Merciless, Fiendish, Brash.
Great Knight
~Uses all weapons besides for ranged and magical.
~Abilities that would help power his hunger for a fight. Going in with buff that help him feel no pain, and think of these guys being the people who use the biggest, heaviest armor, and going in like he does not care about anything but getting to his target.
~Dangerous, Bruiser, Battle-Born.
  • Ranger:
~Uses weapons such as bows/1-handed hand crossbows/spears/daggers
~Abilities would be based off of being able to prey upon their enemies and strike with precise skill shots. As for being able to run around and surviving would be with traps that can be used with multiple things like poison, exploding, cold snaps, etc.
~Steady, Speedy, On Sight.
~Uses weapons such as bows/crossbow/1 handed-swords
~Abilities would be based off of go around stealthily like and strike an enemy when they are most vulnerable. Abilities to lower amour and hit pin point shots with excellent accuracy.
~Quiet, Killer, Severe.
Forest Runner
~Uses weapons such as bows/daggers/1 handed-swords/daggers/1 handed-blunt weapons.
~Abilities would be based off of to use the nature around him. Able to make use with natural magic within the area around them. Use the surroundings to help fight for them and with them.
~Survivalist, Tame, Rush.
~Uses weapons such as crossbows/1 handed-swords/spears/daggers
~Abilities would be based off of, well you know, tactics to confuse the enemy and get their guard down as they strike. Also, to be able to give special buffs to friendlies that help aid their attack and defense.
~Smart, Clever, Just a tad bit Timid.
Spirit Wake
~Uses Bows.
~Abilities would be based of off the power to call spirits of all kinds to aid them in their battle. But with this power, they are able to combine it with their hawk like strikes. Power of Dark and Light. Able to use arrows of these powers to do different painful things to the enemy. Or combine with himself to turn in into some kind of avatar of extreme power. More damage, speed, health.
~Gifted, Dire, Grave.
~Uses weapons such as bows/crossbows/1 handed-swords/1 handed-blunt weapon/throwing chakram.
~Abilities would be based off of heavy hits and changing forms from a certain type of animal. As the animal, different abilities. Guardian of all friendly creatures.
~Careful, Spiteful, Brave-hearted.

  • Uses weapons such as hand canons, specialized bombs/fire works, and possibly traps.
  • More crafting possibilities; gears, cogs, steam engines, maybe even craftable pets like a steam-pig. Does most damage with explosive weapons.
  • Specializations: Explosive expert and Steam Punk.
  • Intuitive, spontaneous, risk taker.

Uses weapons such as 2-handed swords/2-handed maces/1 handed-swords/1 handed-blunt weapon/shields.
Abilities would be based off of taking heavy hits and damaging/healing using holy power(MP). Wears iron armor. Guardian of all and keeper of justice.
Fearless, Brave-hearted.

  • Add some breeds such as:
  • Gnomes

  • Draconian (half dragon half human):

  • Guaraní (half-human / Feline)

  • Fáuns

  • Barbarians (Half Half Men Bears)

  • Angel race

  • Winged races

  • Sucubus / Incubus (Half Man / Half Woman Demons)

System Spells

Types of Magic


-Holy magic
-Creation (Makes creatures through objects and magic, like bones,feathers and 1 HP potion).
-Divine (Prohibited Spells)
-Magic of Night
-Magic of the Day
- Musical Magic
- Magic impact mana (Used by warriors and archers normal).
- Chaos
- Poison
- Blood Magic
- Mist
- Arcane
- Energy
- Sand
- Time
- Electric
- Gravitational
- Crystal
- Summoning / Summoner

- Smoke
- Shadow (allows sneaking even if one is not a rogue, allows travelling through shadows i.e. walk into a shadow and appear in a shadow somewhere else)

system of enchantment

* Enchantments items
-Runes (1 rune each equipment) x10 types
-Letters (Fire / Water / Earth / Air / Magma / Ice / Light / Trevaz)
-Crystals-power (Used to leave equipment something)
-Powder-gods (Dropped by bosses duplicates the status of the runes and gives you love 2 status)
-Reinforcement (Lower / Normal / Enhanced / Strong / Indestructible / Sacred Artifact) (each 1 that adds 30 attribute points to the item)
-Enchantments (Bottom x1/Normal x2/Reforçado x6/Forte x12/indestrutívelx12/Artefato sacred x24)
24 spells (item Full)
Color Guide
Runes leave shiny items starting from 6
 1 (10)
 2 (10)
 3 (10)
 4 (10)
 5 (10)
 6 Green (10)
 7 Pink (10)
 8 Purple (10)
 Yellow 9 (10)
 10 Blue (10)
 11 Black (20)
 12 Gray (20)
 White 13 (20)
 14 Gold (20)
 15 Red (20)
 16 Purple (20)
 Oliva 17 (20)
 18 Cyan (20)
 19 Turquoise (20)
 20 Orange (35)
 21 Violet (35)
 Jade 22 (35)
 23 Beige (35)
 Red 24 (Effective lava) (35)
 1 (10)
 2 (10)
 3 (10)
 4 (10)
 5 (10)
 6 Shine on back (10)
 7 Shine on back stronger (10)
 8 Starts getting silver (10)
 9 It is silver (10)
 10 It Pateada Chrome (10)
 11 It is becoming Transparent (20)
 12 Trasnparencia stronger (20)
 13 starts to get Gold (20)
 14 Stay Golden (20)
 15 It is like golden gold (20)
 Take 16 Taupe (20)
 18 All Grey (20)
 19 Red Chrome (20)
 With 20 spokes (35)
 21 Rays strongest armor in all (35)
 22 It Blue (35)
 23 It is blue color ray (35)
 24 It is white with blue ray and exiting rays (add effect Reflect) (35)
 25 or above items are shining light blue with effects.

Suggestions on hostile mobs

Winged animals
Ravens Griffons Pegasi Phoenixes

Terrestrial animals
Sphinxes Centaurs Gorgons Minotauri
Chimeras Cyclopses Golems Nagas
Basilisks Gargoyles Cursed Dolls Scyllas
Hellhounds Yamata no Orochi Bandits Banshees
Ents Wendigos Phantoms Boars
Gréia Demons Snakes Sabre-toothed cats
Tigers Bears Dragoturkeys Hydras

Lion of Nemea Fenrir Gullinbursti Grendel
Behemoth Dragon of Colchis (golden dragon) Echidna - "Mother of All Monsters" Kraken Apophis, giant demon snake.


  • Add fairy race.
  • Add race of angels
  • Add half-demon and half-human race.
  • Add race of birdmen / female harpies.
  • Add race of werewolves.
  • Add race of half human half feline.
  • Add alien race.
  • Add crab race.
  • Add races that are currently in game but non-playable (ie. gnolls, gnobolds, spike creatures...).
  • Add centaur, who has a faster base movement but cannot ride pets. Additionally has different armor for the horse half of the body

Warring factions of playable races (Goblins+Orcs+Lizardmen, Elves+Dwarves+Frogmen, Undead allied with no one(?), Human's can choose to be allied with Goblins/Orcs/Liz or Elves/Dwarf/Frog

  • Add race skill/advancement trees, examples: Orc can turn into a troll and eventually a small ogre. Undead too zombie, and then ghoul. Frogman too Toadman, last Poison dart frog? Lizardman too snakeman, and alligator. The higher your race class is, the more abilities you have.
  • Additionally if you take the sort of 'mix and match races' suggestion (mentioned in General Gameplay) and combine that with race advancement a Frogman + a Lizardman = a Turtleman who has the turtle spin attack, and a Turtleman later becomes a sort of Saurian-man thing
    • Add Draconian (already mentioned above but not in the races section, and just adding a few details to a cool idea) who you get from lvl 25+ (when using both suggestions mentioned just above this) on a mage that is a Lizardman-Human mix
  • Some races are better as some classes or have attributes (elves are better rangers and also slowly gain stealth from being in shadows as they are quieter, but goblins are crafty, get items cheaper, sell things for more and do better as rogues) humans are equally good at everything however worse when compared to the specialty of a race, yet adapt as they fight different classes (a water mage fighting a lot of fire mages becomes a steam mage who has a special ability where he/she creates clouds beneath their feet so they can sort of walk on air. Ability lasts as long as a body of water is nearby)


  • Armor
  • Helmet / Crown / Diadem / Hat / Third Eye (Used by Seers) / Headbands / Flowers (For females)
  • Cota / Clothes / Tunic
  • Gloves / Grips
  • Tights / Tunics
  • Boots / sandals
  • Necklace / Amulet x2
  • X4-Rings
  • Weapons-slot for 2 weapons
  • Hood
  • Knives (for feet)
  • Masks
  • Scythes
  • Oracle-x2 (Increase a certain status for one short period of time)
  • Armor slot for capes/cloaks (vanity item)
  • More flavor/options for class-specific armor and weapons
    • (Inspired by above) Some Rogue foot or glove armor with lower defense but higher offense (Foot Blade, Sleeve Blade).
    • Some Rogue armor that increases efficiency or movement speed while stealthed.
    • Some Mage armor to increase mana instead of HP.
    • Some Water-Mage specific items to increase healing.

Types of Armor

Tipos de armaduras

  • Heavy Armor
  • Light Armor
  • Medium Armor
  • Cyber Armor
  • Titanic Armor

Monster Part

  • Dinosaurs, of various breeds and sizes.
  • Giant bosses.
  • Rare monsters, varying in color, which drops strong items or different items.
  • Monsters giant insects, example: Giant Beetle, Giant Bee, etc, good for the map of mushrooms.
  • Monsters mount, example: fire horse, dragon fire.
  • Rare monsters, example: gold rabbit, Silver Bear, etc..
  • Centipedes (NOT millipedes, they are herbivors, while centipedes are carniverous)
  • Unique monster bosses like Chimeras, Gorgons, Hydras, Krakens, Dragons ect . . .
  • Monster Size, example: 1 to 5. Size makes them stronger or tankier.


  • Humans come first cyber super strong armor, which lasts 1 minute.(waiting time 2 minutes).
  • The elves turn into 1 blue creature with wings, which lasts 30 seconds.(waiting time 1 minutes).
  • The dwarves turn into a creature with only one arm, but with one weapon pleasure, lasting 40 seconds.(waiting time 1,5 minutes).
  • The orcs turn on 1 green giant Cyclops, increases your strength by 150% and lasts 20 seconds. (waiting time 3 minutes).
  • The frogman, turn into one giant bipedal frog with heavy armor, which lasts 40 seconds. (waiting time 3,5 minutes).
  • The undead become one skeleton mage with gear ultimate in magic, which lasts 1 minute. (waiting time 1 minutes).
  • Gnomes become one giant gnome and uses 1 attack in the area, and back to his normal form. (Waiting time) 5 minutes.
  • The barbarians become one giant bear, with increased speed, strength, folded, and power of a roar, (confounding effect on enemies) uses its claws in battle duration 2 minutes. (Waiting time 6 minutes).
  • The drakonicos become one dragon, one loose roar of fire / ice / dark / water / air, and back to his normal form. (Waiting time 4 minutes).
  • Humans cats turn into one big tiger, and keeping the weapons are fast, lasting three minutes. (Waiting time 3 minutes).
  • The fauns become one giant goat, gives a kick in the floor area, type attack Earth, and return to its normal shape. (Waiting time 2 minutes).
  • The lizarmans turn on 1 giant crocodile, giving an attack of syrup in the area, and return to its original shape. (Waiting time 2 minutes).
  • * Goblins grow and give one punch on the ground, making enemies around stum win and be confused. (Waiting time 1 minute).\
  • Add race skill/advancement trees, examples: Orc can turn into a troll and eventually a small ogre. Undead too zombie, and then ghoul. Frogman too Toadman, last Poison dart frog? Lizardman too snakeman, and alligator. The higher your race class is, the more abilities you have.
  • Add mobs like werewolfs and then if they bite you, you turn into one at night.

Extreme climates

  • Meteor shower. (Destroys the map and ignites the trees/bushes/houses[cities] and causes the world to shake.)
  • Hurricanes. (Destroy the map by which passes)(instantly kills the monsters and players.)
  • Hailstorm (gives damage if you do not stand under a tree or cave).
    • Add Item to keep under cover (Umbrella, cloak, heavy coat)
  • Earthquakes (swing all around, knocking over all of the monsters and the player himself).
    • Earthquakes disturb terrain and knock over trees which can crush the player.
  • Sandstorm (Puts FoV very low and hurts the player gradually).
  • Ice storm (freezes all targets on the map, lows FoV very low and hurts the player gradually).
    • For both of the above, either sand or snow drifts form where there are walls/vertical objects to make it look like the wind is pushing the sand/snow up against those objects. (possibility to dig away a hole in the drift to hide in and be protected?)
  • Thunderstorm (puts fire on the floor or wherever the rays hit and kill the monsters and players).
  • Rain.
  • Floods.
  • Wind Storms.
    • Makes strong currents for hand gliding and can throw mobs and player
  • Aurora borealis
  • Volcanic Eruptions

Unexpected Attack

  • Dragon attacks, a herd dragon 2 to 3, 3 to 5 or dragon (depending on the level of the player) attack place.
  • Invasion of cities, the monsters begin to invade the cities, to attack the guards, and people.
  • Depending on the lvl of the player, a group 5-6 monsters, join to try to kill the player. (Fight Time).
  • Random events that occure in biomes like monster raids on a city or monster bosses fighting npcs ect. . .