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Staves or Staffs are used by the Mage. The staff gives the Mage the vortex ability. The vortex has a set speed of damage it deals, but you can cast spells faster with a higher tempo.

Equipping the staff gives you the M1 ability which is a small, fast vortex which has a small AoE and also does not cost any MP. When the Fire or Water mage use the vortex ability, it will be the element you chose for the vortex. The M2 ability is a bigger vortex that has a longer duration out, and has a bigger AoE Spread. It also consumes 30MP and stuns. This ability also crits 100% of the time, but for a lower damage. Spirit cubes work very well with this ability.

Rarity Notes Image
Common does not have have any color Common staff.png
Uncommon has green orbs or squares Uncommon staff.png
Rare blue orbs or squares Rare staff.png
Epic purple orbs or squares Epic staff.png
Legendary yellow orbs or squares Legendary staff.png

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