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Skull Bull

Skull Bull creature.png 

Basic Information

Location: Grasslands
Class: Melee

Creatures Enemies

Skull Bulls are large, aggressive Bull-like creatures, but their skulls are exposed, hence the name. They attack by charging into the player, which is somehow hard to avoid. Some can be found at the spawn point of seed 6, which will usually kill players as soon as they spawn, due to the fact that they will attack the player on sight.


It's not advisable to fight Skull Bulls at lower levels, since they tend to have an exceptional amount of Health and a pretty hard-hitting charge attack. However, if you find yourself tangling with one, they can be needled down with some agile tactics. They have a standard headbutt attack that is animated by a rocking motion and can be easily dodged. Their much stronger rush attack is telegraphed by a 2 second pause. For this reason, it's a good idea to remain moving while fighting them; this makes the telltale pause easier to recognize, which will help you dodge laterally to avoid the damage. Also, remember that while they have more HP, they are just as susceptible to stunning as any other creature of the same relative challenge level.


Strawberry Cocktail

Cinnamon Role

Licorice Candy

Shabby Iron GreatMace +65

Artless Silver Ring +63

Boss Variety

Kuraka (Purple name). This Skull Bull boss mob is much larger than a normal Skull Bull. He has special attacks, a bit like Cyclops.



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