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This page is a translated version of a page Rings and the translation is 100% complete.

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An uncommon Silver Ring, boosting mainly Tempo

Rings are Jewelry and can be used by all classes. They have the same properties as amulets, only that they are slightly weaker and you can wear 2 of them at a time. Since Rings are small and you wear gloves they will not show on your character.



Apparently Rings can be dropped by any mob, though their droprate is really low.

Recipes can also be found, increasing the chance to get them. The armory also offers Rings.

The rules for rarity apply.


Rings come with 2 possible stats: Tempo and Critical-Hit-Chance;

  • Silver rings focus more on Tempo
  • Gold rings focus more on Crit

Although Rings play an important role in the damage output they do not affect weapon-rating nor armor-rating. It doesn't matter which hand the ring is on, both slots are totally equal.

(*If comparing pure crit rings and pure tempo rings it seems that the ratio of crit:tempo is 1:2, meaning 1% of crit is worth 2% of speed, statwise, pls confirm or delete, just my conjecture..)


Rings can be crafted just like other equipment. They do not require an anvil to be made, but you still need refined silver/gold + the rarity-component as resources.

Formulas must be found/bought and will not be learned by leveling up.

Finding a Formula has one big advantage: Given you have enough resources you can aquire 2 Rings at once and you can share it with friends or other characters.

Adaption of Rings is possible.

Tips and Tricks

While the attributes offered by Rings are great themselves, due to the high impact on DPS(damage-per-second) it is recommended to choose carefully between gold and silver. The effectiveness of Crit/Tempo depends on:

  • Your class
  • Your specialization
  • Your weapon
  • Your style/preference

Discover for yourself what's best for you, do the math, look up some guides, or simply test it! Keep in mind that giving this some thought will pay of greatly and improves your character.