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Some friendly advice from a fellow goblin adventurer.



Cube World presents us with a vast and wondrous world to discover, but it can be confusing for new players to get started because the current version of the game lacks a tutorial. This page is designed to give you the helping hand you need to get going!

Character Creation

You will start the game by creating a new character. First you should select a Race as this will be the basis of your character. Next is easy, simply select male or female. After this you can select the face of your avatar, face styles and number of face vary by race. Then choose a hairstyle and color (Frogmen choose from various eye styles, instead of hair). Now that you have the look down you need to choose a Class, the class you choose will determine the abilities you will gain access to and the weapons which you can use. There are four classes to choose from: Warrior, Mage, Rogue and Ranger. Lastly your character needs a name. Click the small rectangle at the bottom of the screen and type in the name.

HINT: The CREATE CHARACTER button will not appear until you have given your character a name.

World Creation

If you intend to play a single player world, you must also create a world. There is mainly just two rule to creating a world: You must give your world a name, and you must give the game a seed from which it will generate your world. A seed in Cube World is a bunch of numbers and it can be any number you want from 0 to 9999999999. The use of seeds allow you to re-generate the exact same world over and over, and even share your world with your friends or the Cube World community if you find it interesting; just give them your seed and tell them where to find the awesomeness!

You can read about multiplayer gameplay on the wiki, but we will not cover it in this article.

Spawning and Gameplay

Upon spawning you may notice a blue fog around you, this is normal if your computer is not very powerful as it is just the world loading and generating. This is an intentional part of the game itself as the fog helps disguise the areas that have not been generated by the game yet.

The first thing you should do is press F1 to familiarize yourself with the Controls, this will help you better understand how to control your character and perform certain tasks such as opening your inventory, opening the game's option menu or use special items. After this open your map with the default key [M] to locate one of the near Cities. This will serve as a sort of base for until you become powerful enough to travel further out. Start your adventure by traveling to this city as you will need to get familiar with both traveling and cities themselves. As a plus, cities have large quantities of Pumpkins and Pineapples in it's farms, which you are allowed to pick up and make your first piece of food with.

A Wolf. It's red colored health bar indicates that it is a hostile mob. Better be careful.

Along the way to the city you will most likely find creatures. If you wish you can fight these to gain XP or possibly be rewarded with Items that you can use or sell. Creatures range from very easy to very difficult and in your current state, you may not be able to fight all of them. Difficulty is based on the color of their name:

  • White names are very easy and pose no real threat
  • Blue names are somewhat easy and pose very little threat
  • Orange names are difficult and should be approached with caution
  • Red names are very difficult and should not be challenged without a group or a lot of potions

In addition to their color-coded names, the health bars above the head of a creature indicates how it will interact with you:

  • Blue bars are friendly, they will help you by attacking nearby aggressive creatures
  • Green bars are passive, they will not attack you unless you attack them first
  • Red bars are aggressive, they will attack you if you get too close
Heartflowers are the main ingredient in Healing Potions


Death will of course happen and often in the beginning. Don't worry, the only penalty for dying right now, is that you are respawned at an Angel Post or Respawn Point

Resource Gathering

Before you hit town, you are guaranteed to have spotted several very useful resources. While some are more useful than others, there is no easy way to know because the game doesn't tell you. Hopefully this list will help you understand which resources you need and which you don't. Keep in mind though, that all items can be sold to city vendors for a few coins so in the beginning it can be worthwhile picking up everything you see.

You should gather all the resources you find and sell the unneeded items to the General Store in town.

Resources Found on Grasslands

First Shopping Trip

You have braved the wilds, got killed by a Squirrel (they are angry) and a Skull Bull and have finally made it to the town.

Each city is divided into four districts:

  • Pet District
  • Adventurer District
  • Crafting District
  • Trade District

You want to head for the Trade district after gathering, the Pineapples and Pumpkins from around town.

There are four main shops in the trade district:

  • Armor shop
  • Weapon shop
  • Item shop (General Store)
  • Identifier

Use the map to find the Icons.

If your health is down, you can visit the Inn and sleep in a bed, to restore it at no cost. Also in between 6 pm. and 6 am. you can enter the inn, to reset the night to day.

You want to visit the Item Shop with the Flask on the sign first. Here you will sell your unwanted items and buy a few things.

  • Pet Food - At early levels, you get killed a lot, a Pet will help that happen a little less. Check the Pet Food list for which pet the food in the store will tame.
  • Flasks - You need these to make Life Potions. Buy as many as you can afford.

Check out the other stores and perhaps find the crafting stations for Wood, Metal and Cloth.

Make Potions

Before you go back into the wilds, to tame that pet, and get more XP, you should make as many life potions as you have ingredients for.

Steps (assuming you bought Glass Flasks from the Store):

1. Find water and stand in it.

2. Press C to open the crafting window

3. On the last tab, chose the Flasks, and press the Arrow on the bottom of the window. This will start the process of filling the Flask with water.

4. Fill all the flasks you can.

5. On the second to last tab; Choose the Life Potion and by clicking on the arrow, make as many life potions as you can.

Get a Pet

A pet will help you fight creatures as you roam about the world. With skill points added to the Pet skill you will eventually be able to ride some pets.

Take look at the Pet Food list to see, which pet you can get with the food you bought at the store.

Go on a Mission

Missions are events that reset each Cube World day. They can be found via crossed swords on the map. Currently, missions involve defeating a boss monster or a dungeon boss. At any time, there are three (3) missions available to complete.

Talking to NPC's in town with a Green Chat bubble over their head, may get a mission marked on your map for you.

The color of the mission name on the map shows you how hard it is.

  • Grey is easiest
  • Blue is at your level
  • Red is difficult

Read more about Missions here.