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A portal.
Portal being chosen on the map.
Portal Stone up close.
Portal Stone Circle from above.

Portals are structural artifacts generated with the world that allow the player to teleport between sets of Portals; this allows for quick travel across the Cube World map. A Portal can be identified as a small, pointed rock, etched with purple rune markings, and encircled by several larger rocks. At least two Portals must be discovered before teleportation to another Portal is allowed. Portals are rare occurrences in map generation, and are not something that can be easily spotted on the map. Players can walk up to a Portal and press 'R' to use it: the map will be shown to the player and they will be able to teleport to another Portal that they have discovered.

When selecting a Portal to teleport to, players must be well aware of the location of the Portals they have discovered. Names of Portals will not appear on the map when zoomed out. In order to see the names of Portals on the map players must be zoomed in quite close.


Finding Portals

Grid overlay on a map.

Like Cities, Dungeons and other Quest locations, Portals seem to appear along a grid system. Finding the layout of the grid on a map and traveling along it can make finding portals far easier. Portals will not appear at any intersection where there is a Dungeon or Mission. When searching for a Portal, those areas can be skipped.

Another method that can be used to find Portal locations is as follows:

  1. Go to a City.
  2. Take a screenshot of the map.
  3. Use a painting program to mark the quest locations; these locations cannot have Portals.
  4. Talk to an Innkeeper (between 6pm and 6am); the Time will reset to day and Quests will also reset.
  5. Mark the new locations on the same map.
  6. Repeat until you have only a few empty grid locations; those could be Portals.


If you have found two or more Portals, you may teleport from one to another with ease. First, stand in front of one of the Portals and press the Use button (default is 'R'), and the world map will appear. Then, simply locate the second portal on the map (by clicking the middle mouse button and dragging), and click it twice (once to choose, and once to confirm). After a short loading period you should appear at the second Portal.


Portal being used.
Two Portal locations in multiplayer default seed starting zone.
Two more Portal locations in the same zone.

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Language: English  • fran├žais