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Many creatures in the game can be tamed as pets when you feed them the correct Pet Food. Some pets are both mountable and combat ready, while others simply serve a purpose in battle.

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There are four different classes of pets:

Melee Pet: Pets that attack at a close range.

Ranged Pet: Pets that attack from a distance.

Magic Pet: Pets that attack from a distance using some form of magic spell.

Tank Pet: Pets with increased health and armor, but inflict minimal damage; used to take the brunt of enemy attacks.

Pet Status Bar

The Pet Status Bar appears when the pet is summoned (alive or dead) by the user by pressing the 'T' key. This area shows the pet's level, name, health (red bar), XP levels (blue bar), and thirst (blue drops).
Example of a pig's thirst meter beneath the HP and XP bars.

Whilst riding a tamable pet its 'thirst meter' (depicted by water droplets underneath its health and XP) will start to deplete. Once this meter has fully depleted you will be automatically ejected from the pet and will no longer be able to ride it until its thirst meter has been replenished.

A pet's thirst meter can be replenished by placing the pet in a body of water, note that the depth of the water does not affect the rate in which the thirst meter replenishes.

Permanent Release

To release your pet, just remove its cage from your inventory.

DefaultPetCage.pngDefault pet cage.

TurtleCage.pngTurtle's pet cage.


Player riding a peacock.

Some pets are also rideable for fast traveling.

In combat, all non-rideable pets attack much faster than rideable ones.

Rideable pets move at the same speed once tamed.

Increasing the player's Riding Skill increases the movement speed of rideable pets.

Applying 15 Skill Points to a player's Riding Skill yields a +160% movement speed on rideable pets.

Without any Skill Points it's 109.09%

Riding a pet depletes its thirst meter. Pets can be recharged by taking them into water. If your pet runs out of water you will no longer be able to ride it and it will simply follow you until you take it to water. A Pet will still assist you in battle regardless of its thirst.

While riding a pet you can pick up items. Attempting to fight or consume potions or food will however result in you dismounting your pet.

Mobs will also attack you while riding a pet.

You can currently craft while riding.


Some pets are flying creatures.

They have increased attack speed but are not rideable, and cannot go underwater.


Each tameable creature requires a different type of Pet Food to tame it.

To tame a creature, place its Pet Food in the pet section of your inventory, then approach the creature; love hearts will appear as the pet-to-be consumes the food and becomes your new bestie.

After you tame your pet you may name it by typing '/namepet <name of pet>'.

If multiple creatures are being tamed at the same time, the first creature to finish being tamed will become your pet, while the others will become hostile. However, if multiple creatures begin being tamed at the exact same time, one will become your pet while the other(s) will completely despawn.

Taming a creature of a higher level than you will decrease its level to match your own, however, unequipping this pet may revert it to its original level. Taming a lower level creature will yield a pet of that same level.

How to tame a Pet

Name Pet

You can name your pet in the chat window:

  1. Press Enter to get the cursor.
  2. Type: /namepet [name]
  3. Press Enter.

If you wish to have a space in the name:

  1. Press the Spacebar after the first part of the name.
  2. Hold the Ctrl key and press backspace.
  3. Type out the next part of the name.
  4. Press Enter.

The command will not work if the caps lock button is on.

Pet Tips

Parrots are hard-coded to drop items when they die, so if you have one as a pet you will obtain free stuff.

  • If your pet is not with you or you wish it to disengage from fighting, Press the 'T' key.

This calls your pet to you.

Check the Pet guide for more.

Pets and Pet Food list

Be careful if you attract more than one creature with one piece of food because after the food is gone the other creature(s) will start to attack you.

Pets known to be tameable
Pet Taming Food Food Icon Rideable Class Landscape
Alpaca (Brown) Chocolate Cupcake ChocolateCupcakepet.png Yes Melee All (Except Lava Lands)
Alpaca (Tan) Vanilla Cupcake VanillaCupcake.png Yes Melee All (Except Lava Lands)
Bark Beetle Bread Bread.png Yes Melee Grasslands
Bat Mango Juice MangoJuice.png No Melee Caves
Biter Pancakes


No Melee Hills, Mountains
BumbleBee Biscuit Roll Biscuit Role.png No Melee Grasslands
Bunny Carrot Carrotpet.png Yes Melee Grasslands, Forest, Snowlands
Camel Date Cookie DateCookie.png Yes Melee Deserts
Cat (Black) Candy Candypet.png Yes Melee Grasslands, Cities, Forest
Chicken Cereal Bar CerealBar.png No Melee Grasslands
Collie Bubble gum BubbleGum.png Yes Melee Cities, Grasslands
Crab Strawberry Cocktail

Strawberry coctail.png

No Melee Oceans, Lakes
Crocodile Apple Ring Apple ring.png Yes Melee Jungles
Crow Licorice Candy

Licorice candy.png

No Melee Grasslands,Forest
Desert Runner Caramel Chocolate Bar CaramelChocolateBar.png Yes Melee Deserts
Duckbill Sugar Candy

Sugar candy.png

Yes Melee Rivers
Fire Beetle Curry Curry.png Yes Melee Lava Lands, Deserts
Fly Fruit Basket FruitBasket.png No Melee Grasslands,Forest, Snowlands
Hornet Popcorn Popcornpet.png No Melee Grasslands, Forest, Snowlands
Horse Candied Apple CandiedApplepet.png Yes Melee Grasslands, Forest
Leaf Runner Mint Chocolate Bar MintChocolatepet.png Yes Melee Jungles
Lemon Beetle Lemon Tarts LemonTart.png Yes Melee Grasslands, Hills, Forest
Midges Melon Ice Cream MelonIceCream.png No Melee Deserts
Mole Chocolate Donut ChocolateDonut.png No Melee Grasslands, Forest
Monkey Banana Split BananaSplitpet.png No Melee Jungles
Mosquito Bloodorange Juice Bloodorangejuice.png No Melee Deserts, Lava Lands, Jungles (Edges)
Owl Lollipop Lollipoppet.png No Melee Grasslands, Forest
Parrot Ginger Tartlet GingerTartlet.png No Melee Oceans, Jungles, Snowlands
Peacock Chocolate Cookie ChocolateCookie.png Yes Melee Grasslands, Forest, Hills
Penguin Softice Softice.png No Melee Snowlands
Pig Pumpkin Mash PumpkinMash.png Yes Melee Grasslands, Cities, Forest
Plain Runner Milk Chocolate Bar

Milk chocolate bar.png

Yes Melee Grasslands, Forest
Porcupine Blackberry Marmalade BlackberryMarmelade.png Yes Melee Deserts, Islands
Raccoon Chocolate Cake ChocolateCakepet.png No Melee Grasslands, Hills, Forest
Scottish Terrier Croissant Croisant.png Yes Melee Grasslands, Cities
Seagull Salted Caramel SaltedCaramel.png No Melee Oceans, Islands (?)
Sheep Cotton Candy CottonCandy.png Yes Melee Grasslands, Cities
Slime (Blue) Blue Jelly BlueJellypet.png Yes Melee Mountains
Slime (Green) Green Jelly GreenJelly.png Yes Melee Mountains
Slime (Pink) Pink Jelly PinkJelly.png Yes Melee Mountains
Slime (Yellow) Yellow Jelly YellowJelly.png Yes Melee Mountains
Snout Beetle Lolly Lollypet.png Yes Ranged Grasslands, Rivers, Hills
Snow Runner White Chocolate Bar WhiteChocolate.png Yes Melee Snowlands
Spitter Water Ice WaterIce.png No Healing Oceans, Islands, Lakes
Squirrel Strawberry Cake StawberryCake.png No Melee Grasslands, Forest, Hills
Terrier Waffle Wafflepet.png Yes Melee Grasslands, Cities
Turtle Cinnamon Roll CinnamonRoll.png Yes Tank Rivers, Jungles, Oceans
Pets rumored to be tameable now or in the future
Pet rumored Taming Food Food Icon Rideability Class Landscape
Cat (Brown) Candy Yes Melee Grasslands
Cat (White) Candy Yes Melee Grasslands
Cow Unknown Unknown Melee Grasslands
Devourer Wasabi Sauce Unknown Melee Lava Lands, Deserts
Imp Unknown Unknown Melee Lava Lands
Koala Unknown No Melee Jungles
Lemon Fish Unknown Unknown Melee Oceans
Sapphire Fish Unknown Unknown Melee Beach, Lake, Oceans
Seahorse Unknown Unknown Melee Oceans
Shepherd Dog Unknown Yes Melee Grasslands
Wolf Apple Pie Yes Melee Grasslands, Hills, Forest, Snowlands

A tamed wolf is in the game at the moment, there's just no way to get it without using Third Party editors (Inventory editors, mods, etc.).


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