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Pet Food

Pet Food is an item that can be used to tame creatures to become your Pet. Each food item can only tame a specific Pet. Pet Food is acquired as random loot from enemies, or can be purchased in towns.

Each town has its own Pet Food. If you wish to purchase another type of Pet Food you will need to travel to another City.


Pet Inventory.png

Pets and Pet Food are stored in the Pet tab in your inventory.

When you wish to use a Pet or a Pet Food, you simply move that item to the Pet Slot.


Instructions for using Pet Food are included in the Taming section.

Be careful if you attract more than one creature with one piece of food because after the food is gone the other creature(s) will start to attack you.

Pets foods
Taming Food Food Icon Pet Rideability Class Landscape
Apple Ring Apple ring.png Crocodile Yes Melee Jungles
Banana Split BananaSplitpet.png Monkey No Melee Jungles
Biscuit Roll Biscuit Role.png BumbleBee No Melee Grasslands
Blackberry Marmalade BlackberryMarmelade.png Porcupine Yes Melee Jungles, Deserts
Bloodorange Juice Bloodorange Juice.png Mosquito No Melee Jungles, Deserts, Lava Lands
Blue Jelly BlueJellypet.png Slime (Blue) Yes Melee Mountains
Bread Bread.png Bark Beetle Yes Melee Grasslands
Bubble gum BubbleGum.png Collie Yes Melee Cities, Grasslands
Candied Apple CandiedApplepet.png Horse Yes Melee Grasslands, Forest
Candy Candypet.png Cat (Black) Yes Melee Grasslands, Cities, Forest
Caramel Chocolate Bar CaramelChocolateBar.png Desert Runner Yes Melee Deserts
Carrot Carrotpet.png Bunny Yes Melee Grasslands, Forest, Snowlands
Cereal Bar CerealBar.png Chicken No Melee Grasslands
Cinnamon Roll CinnamonRoll.png Turtle Yes Tank Rivers, Jungles, Oceans
Chocolate Cake ChocolateCakepet.png Raccoon No Melee Grasslands, Hills, Forest
Chocolate Cookie ChocolateCookie.png Peacock Yes Melee Grasslands, Forest, Hills
Chocolate Cupcake ChocolateCupcakepet.png Alpaca (Brown) Yes Melee All (Except Lava Lands)
Chocolate Donut ChocolateDonut.png Mole No Melee Grasslands, Forest
Cotton Candy CottonCandy.png Sheep Yes Melee Grasslands, Cities
Croissant Croisant.png Scottish Terrier Yes Melee Grasslands, Cities
Curry Curry.png Fire Beetle Yes Melee Lava Lands, Deserts
Date Cookie DateCookie.png Camel Yes Melee Deserts
Fruit Basket FruitBasket.png Fly No Melee Grasslands,Forest, Snowlands
Ginger Tartlet GingerTartlet.png Parrot No Melee Oceans, Jungles, Snowlands
Green Jelly GreenJelly.png Slime (Green) Yes Melee Mountains
Lemon Tarts LemonTart.png Lemon Beetle Yes Melee Grasslands, Hills, Forest
Licorice Candy Licorice candy.png Crow No Melee Grasslands,Forest
Lollipop Lollipoppet.png Owl No Melee Grasslands, Forest
Lolly Lollypet.png Snout Beetle Yes Ranged Grasslands, Rivers, Hills
Mango Juice MangoJuice.png Bat No Melee Caves
Melon Ice Cream MelonIceCream.png Midge No Melee Deserts
Milk Chocolate Bar Milk chocolate bar.png Plain Runner Yes Melee Grasslands, Forest
Mint Chocolate Bar MintChocolatepet.png Leaf Runner Yes Melee Jungles
Pancakes Pancakes.png Biter No Melee Hills, Mountains
Pink Jelly PinkJelly.png Slime (Pink) Yes Melee Mountains
Popcorn Popcornpet.png Hornet No Melee Grasslands, Forest, Snowlands
Pumpkin Mash PumpkinMash.png Pig Yes Melee Grasslands, Cities, Forest
Salted Caramel SaltedCaramel.png Seagull No Melee Oceans, Islands (?)
Softice Softice.png Penguin No Melee Snowlands
Strawberry Cake StawberryCake.png Squirrel No Melee Grasslands, Forest, Hills
Strawberry Cocktail Strawberry coctail.png Crab No Melee Oceans, Lakes
Sugar Candy Sugar candy.png Duckbill Yes Melee Rivers
Vanilla Cupcake VanillaCupcake.png Alpaca (Tan) Yes Melee All (Except Lava Lands)
Waffle Wafflepet.png Terrier Yes Melee Grasslands, Cities
Water Ice WaterIce.png Spitter No Healing Oceans, Islands, Lakes
White Chocolate Bar WhiteChocolate.png Snow Runner Yes Melee Snowlands
Yellow Jelly YellowJelly.png Slime (Yellow) Yes Melee Mountains

Taming Video at bottom of page.

Game Seeds

The game seeds list includes some Seeds where you can find particular Pet Foods.

If you know of any Seed that has a Pet Food not on the list, please add it to this page, so we can add it to the charts.

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