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The Ocean

Ocean landscapes are full of blue water, Small Islands, underwater caves and sea animals. There is some land in this biome that consists of islands created from the peaks of large underwater mountains, as well as islands generated to house named locations. You are able to swim underwater without worrying about running out of air.

Extended information

There are Caves in the ocean, where you can find iron, emerald, gold. There sometimes are bats in these caves, even though they are underwater.

Oceans are unusual, in that they also have a "sub-biome", which affects the land on the islands dotted across the ocean. This "sub-biome" is shared by all islands in the biome. Oceans can come in both Grasslands and Jungles flavors.

Although dangerous for low-level players, you might find it a good farming strategy if you're powerful enough to kill monsters in a few seconds. Using boat makes you go really faster both forward (and up, as the boat tries to reach air - more logical than an underwater boat), and this makes it easy to jump from monsters to monsters (from XP to XP).


The main type of water transportation is by boat.

It is also possible to mount and ride your tamed pet on the ocean floor as long as your pet is rideable.

Known bugs

The lowered unidentified land means this are is an ocean.

In the alpha version of Cube World it is possible to identify where the ocean landscape is even if the map is unexplored because of the way the map dents downwards a block. This allows players to more easily find an ocean without fully exploring the map.


Lantern Fish
Maw Fish
Lemon Fish
Sapphire Fish

Game Seeds

Seed: 94736281. Go directly south and you will reach an ocean. Seed: 420. Go directly North from beginning city to reach large ocean with island. The island has +2 undeads