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A friend NPC Group looking at the player.

NPC groups are a groups of 2-4 NPC's that work cooperatively. You can find these groups all over Cube World. These groups can consist of every playable (And non-playable) race in the cube world. These groups can be either hostile, or friendly. Hostile groups will attack upon aggravation, or if the player gets within their range. You can tell a hostile group from a friendly group by checking for a name above the group. Friendly groups will have specific names (such as Aglara) above their race name. Hostile groups do not have specific names above their heads. Friendly groups will have normal NPC phrases when they are interacted with. If you are in a battle, and you run toward a friendly group, the group will attack what ever you are attacking, giving you an extreme advantage in combat. Friendly and Hostile groups will attack random mobs as they move through Cube World. If you also attack whatever they are attacking, upon the death of the mob, you will receive any experience points that you would have gained if you had fought the mob yourself. If you walk towards a friendly group without being in combat, they will stop walking and look at you until you get far enough from them.


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