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Multiplayer is an additional component to the game in which several players - currently a maximum of 10 at this stage of development, though it is planned to increase the limit - can play on the server hosted by either a dedicated server or private computer. The host will have to port forward unless using LAN and will use a separate program for running the server. Currently Multiplayer is essentially a co-op version of single player, though that may change when multiplayer is designed for big servers allowing hundreds of people to join. If two people share an account and wish to play multiplayer with each other using that same account, it is possible to do so as long as each person is using a different computer.


How to Start a Multiplayer Server

First, you'll need to download Cube World. Wherever it is installed, there is a server application (Server.exe,, etc.). You can find it on Windows by right clicking it in your start menu, and click the Open File Location button.

Open it up by double-clicking it, and a black window will appear with text in it.
An example of a server console window
To close it properly, you must click on it, type "q" (without the quotes) and press Enter. Now for other people to connect, you either need to forward port 12345 or join a Hamachi network, both of which are beyond the scope of this tutorial and easily available on Google. Then get other people to connect. That's it.

Modded Server Info

Various Mods have now been created to help establish a more stable Server.

Visit the Modding page for more information.

Multiplayer Setup - Using Hamachi

Finding you IP

If you google "What's my IP", Google will tell you what IP you are presenting to the internet.

Example of Google What's My IP? The IP Address is not valid, on purpose

Changing Seed (Resetting Map)

How to Change the Multiplayer World Seed

Characters with the Same Name

The server indexes players as they join (Player 0, Player 1) etc. So players can have the same character name. Of course, it will make chat confusing.

There is a command /name [new name] that will allow you to change your character's name. This works in single and multiplayer.

Commands from In-Game

/connect [ServerName or IP]

  • This allows you to connect to a server in-game.


  • This will disconnect you from the current server.

/namepet [name]

  • This allows you to name your pet.

/name [name]

  • This allows you to rename yourself.

Known Issues

  • Pet levels don't save
  • Uses a large amount of Bandwidth Reddit:[1]

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