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Although all the enemies of Cube World are not known, Wollay has mentioned a few, some in more details than others.

Common Monsters

Bat Cave-dwelling tamable enemies that can fly.
Bumblebee Found in grasslands. They fly around you. Aggressive.
Cormling Aggressive plant creatures.
Crab Found in beaches. These crustaceans can pack quite a pinch.
Crocodile Found in jungles. Green reptilian with a hard bite.
Desert Runner Tall, yellow birds that attack quickly, though without much power.
Frightener A flying ghost found in the Greek variation of ruins and some named forests.
Gnoll Short, hostile, furry creatures; function as NPCs.
Hornet Like a bumblebee but oddly neutral.
Insect Guard Vicious, red and blue, slightly humanoid insects.
Insektoid Hostile creatures that look like green humanoid insects with large eyes.
Leaf Runner Tall, green birds that attack quickly, though without much power.
Mosquito A tamable enemy usually found in Desert Biomes. Strangely high level.
Nomads Wandering humanoid enemies found in the Desert. Dangerous! Function as NPCs. High level.
Onionling Furious onion hostiles that will make you cry.
Ogres Large brutes with equally large clubs. Dangerous! High level.
Plain Runner Tall, purple-blue birds that attack quickly, though without much power.
Raccoon Fast-hitting furry creatures.
Radishling Infuriated radish hostiles.
Squirrel Deceivingly cute - surprisingly vicious.
Skull Bull Large bulls with exposed skulls. Very aggressive. Dangerous! High level.
Snow Runner Tall, white birds that attack quickly, though without much power.
Polar Gnoll Rage wrapped in a warm coat.
Vampire Easy to spot, humanoid with big black wings on their back. Suck your blood!
Witch They'll get you, my pretty. Dangerous! Sometimes friendly. Function as NPCs.
Wolf An aggressive grey animal.
Zombie A undead mob that wanders castles, ruins and some named forests.

Uncommon Monsters

These are enemies that are harder to find, have low spawn rates, or you just don't see very often.

Rockling Animate bipedal Rocks. They throw rocks and body slam.
Slime It's a bit slimy.

Race enemies

Just as there are race allies you can find in town or exploring the world, there are hostile race guys. Humans, elfs, dwarfs, orcs, goblins, lizardmen, undead and frogmen will come in various classes and specializations. See Playable races.
(Also see: Undead Bosses)


These are larger than normal versions of a creature. They have special attacks and glow purple in the dark.

Troll Trolls are slow but strong and can stun enemies with earthquake attacks.
Dark Troll Dark Trolls have faster attacks than Trolls by using two huge maces.
Yeti Yetis are the snowland counterpart of Trolls.
Cyclops Despite their size, Cyclops are swift melee fighters with dangerous cyclone attacks.
Saurian A very destructive, giant monster. They can take out huge parts of the landscape. Its appearance is a mix between a turtle, rhino and a dinosaur.
Mammoth Mammoths get angry when disturbed and perform dangerous ram and stomp attacks.
Lich Liches are undead magicians that summon zombies and skeletons.
Golem Golems are big giants made of clay and stone. They use rocks and their body to crush their enemies.
Ember Golem Ember Golems are the lavalands counterpart of Golems.
Snow Golem Snow Golems are the snowlands counterpart of Golems.
Hell Demon Hell Demons are terrible beasts from the lavalands.

Planned Bosses

Sea Crab Sea Crabs are giant armored crabs with huge claws.
Rune Giant Rune giants are ancient magical guards with dangerous ranged and melee attacks.
Dragon Dragons are flying beasts dealing fire and melee damage.
Demon Demons can have various shapes with various attacks.

Different Colored Text Mobs

White Text Mobs White Text Mobs are weaker mobs than you and can easily be slain.
Aqua Text Mobs Aqua Text Mobs are approximately the same level as you and can be slain with little effort.
Orange Text Mobs Orange Text Mobs are slightly higher than your level and can still be slain, but they may provide a challenge, especially in groups.
Red Text Mobs Red Text Mobs are mobs far higher than your level and it is recommended that you don't fight them. While they are still slayable on their own, it is when found in groups that the chances of you leaving the battle alive are slim, but not impossible.
Purple Text Mobs Purple Text Mobs are special versions of regular mobs. They have a height advantage and are much more powerful and durable than their regular counterparts. They can be found as bosses in dungeons and wandering the Cube World landscape. They provide a challenge and upon being slain will relinquish a Platinum Coin and a Spirit Cube. Look for these purple-named enemies and slay them as they are classed as rare mobs.
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