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Melee Pets

Melee Pets are the most common pets. They attack at close range.

Melee Pets known to be tameable For a complete list of Pets, see the Pets or Pet Food page
Pet Pet Name Taming Food Food Icon Rideability Landscape
Alpaca Brown Head.png Alpaca (Brown) Chocolate Cupcake ChocolateCupcakepet.png Yes All (Except Lava Lands)
Alpaca Tan Head.png Alpaca (Tan) Vanilla Cupcake VanillaCupcake.png Yes All (Except Lava Lands)
Bark Beetle Head.png Bark Beetle Bread Bread.png Yes Grasslands
Bat Head.png Bat Mango Juice MangoJuice.png No Caves
Biter Head.png Biter Pancakes


No Hills, Mountains
Bumblebee Head.png BumbleBee Biscuit Roll Biscuit Role.png No Grasslands
Bunny Head.png Bunny Carrot Carrotpet.png Yes Grasslands, Forest, Snowlands
Camel Head.png Camel Date Cookie DateCookie.png Yes Deserts
Cat Head.png Cat (Black) Candy Candypet.png Yes Grasslands, Cities, Forest
Chicken Head.png Chicken Cereal Bar CerealBar.png No Grasslands
Collie Head.png Collie Bubble gum Bubble gum Icon.png Yes Cities, Grasslands
Crab Head.png Crab Strawberry Cocktail

Strawberry coctail.png

No Oceans, Lakes
Crocodile Head.png Crocodile Apple Ring Apple ring.png Yes Jungles
Crow Head.png Crow Licorice Candy

Licorice candy.png

No Grasslands,Forest
Desert Runner Head.png Desert Runner Caramel Chocolate Bar CaramelChocolateBar.png Yes Deserts
Duckbill Head.png Duckbill Sugar Candy

Sugar candy.png

Yes Rivers
Fire Beetle Head.png Fire Beetle Curry Curry.png Yes Lava Lands, Deserts
Fly Head.png Fly Fruit Basket FruitBasket.png No Grasslands,Forest, Snowlands
Hornet Head.png Hornet Popcorn Popcornpet.png No Grasslands, Forest, Snowlands
Horse Head.png Horse Candied Apple CandiedApplepet.png Yes Grasslands, Forest
Leaf Runner Head.png Leaf Runner Mint Chocolate Bar MintChocolatepet.png Yes Jungles
Lemon Beetle Head.png Lemon Beetle Lemon Tarts LemonTart.png Yes Grasslands, Hills, Forest
Midge Head.png Midges Melon Ice Cream MelonIceCream.png No Deserts
Mole Head.png Mole Chocolate Donut ChocolateDonut.png No Grasslands, Forest
Monkey Head.png Monkey Banana Split BananaSplitpet.png No Jungles
Mosquito Head.png Mosquito Bloodorange Juice Bloodorangejuice.png No Deserts, Lava Lands, Jungles (Edges)
Owl Head.png Owl Lollipop Lollipoppet.png No Grasslands, Forest
Parrot Head.png Parrot Ginger Tartlet GingerTartlet.png No Oceans, Jungles, Snowlands
Peacock Head.png Peacock Chocolate Cookie ChocolateCookie.png Yes Grasslands, Forest, Hills
Penguin Head.png Penguin Softice Softice.png No Snowlands
Pig Head.png Pig Pumpkin Mash PumpkinMash.png Yes Grasslands, Cities, Forest
Plain Runner Head.png Plain Runner Milk Chocolate Bar Yes Grasslands, Forest
Porcupine Head.png Porcupine Blackberry Marmalade BlackberryMarmelade.png Yes Deserts, Islands
Raccoon Head.png Raccoon Chocolate Cake ChocolateCakepet.png No Grasslands, Hills, Forest
Scottish Terrier Head.png Scottish Terrier Croissant Croisant.png Yes Grasslands, Cities
Seagull Head.png Seagull Salted Caramel SaltedCaramel.png No Oceans, Islands (?)
Sheep Head.png Sheep Cotton Candy CottonCandy.png Yes Grasslands, Cities
Slime Blue Head.png Slime (Blue) Blue Jelly BlueJellypet.png Yes Mountains
Slime Green Head.png Slime (Green) Green Jelly GreenJelly.png Yes Mountains
Slime Pink Head.png Slime (Pink) Pink Jelly PinkJelly.png Yes Mountains
Slime Yellow Head.png Slime (Yellow) Yellow Jelly YellowJelly.png Yes Mountains
Snow Runner Head.png Snow Runner White Chocolate Bar WhiteChocolate.png Yes Snowlands
Squirrel Head.png Squirrel Strawberry Cake StawberryCake.png No Grasslands, Forest, Hills
Terrier Head.png Terrier Waffle Wafflepet.png Yes Grasslands, Cities

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