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Obviously the list is getting large, help out by submitting bugs and (re)moving duplicates to the talk page.


To add to this list first make an account and then click "edit" and add your report.

  • NOTE: Please be gracious with bug reports as not everything that goes wrong is a bug. e.g. Hacking


Summarized list of bugs



  • When typing chat messages, Hitting certain keys (ie. R) will execute the action of that button as well as type it out
  • While standing over an item, in the skill menu (x), the descriptions of each skill will read as that item
  • Hitting more than one enemy at once still gives you 1 hit.
  • In the character select screen, customized weapons are not altered
  • Eating and opening the map causes HP regeneration numbers to appear in the map. However, some find this useful as incoming damage is displayed in the same way and alerts you of the attack while the map is viewed.
  • Got a Fire spirit +75 and in customization it shows as +76 and never gets used up. (got sambe bug with ice spirit, probably also works with others).
  • You can use a chair through walls, causing you to teleport through them and onto the chair.
  • 'Spirit cubes' for customization can disappear by overlapping another cube (i.e. Wood cubes).
  • Placing a bomb and running far away from it Causes lag / game crash (Only tested on Multiplayer)
  • If you die on a chair if you try to revive you automatically spawn on the chair with full health.
  • If you try to delete your first world the "delete" button appears behind the "multiplayer" button
  • Sometimes when you pick up a Heartflower or Mushroom all plant images will be cycled through.
  • Infinite running glitch sometimes happens when first using the game (3 tests, 66.6% no glitch. Minor glitch)
  • Appears to peg multiple CPU threads on start menu [after launcher, prior to loading a world]. Occurs on desktop or laptop.
  • There seems to be a bug on servers which kills you / lower your HP till death. Should be fixed by pressing 'r' a few times. Usually happens when any player gets close to a pyramid(tested with Narno Pyramid and Durarior Pyramid).
  • Using a customizable item and then swapping the slots with a non-customizable item (i.e. Ring) will cause the item to be customized without any effects.
  • (Note: May be duplicate of above report) You can customize a non-cuztomizable item on purpose by performing a very simple item-swap in your inventory. The following video describes it in detail.
  • Crafting something that requires a utility, such as Water, then running away after clicking the craft button, if you open the window again it will still craft.
  • If you don't have V-sync and triple buffering enabled the game can phenomenally increase the temperature of some GPUs. You can find the fix here:
  • Players can connect to a server (Only tested on a local server) on the same character from the same computer in two different windows, which can be exploited to duplicate items.
  • When you are using a shop and you press the tab next to the "Items list" (it shows what you sold) and exit the shop, it will glitch onto other shops. This can be fixed by re-clicking the two tabs.
  • When sleeping and you are attacked by an ogre, your body is thrown some way, but you stay in the same position as you were on the bed an you have to press R before you can start to attack the ogre.
  • If you get more Exp than needed for the next level, the game says you've gained the left over XP. Example: needing 100 XP, getting 150, the game will tell you you've only gained 50 XP even though you did get all 150 XP
  • Also if you get enough Exp for multiple level ups you skip learning the recipes, for example if you jump from 5 to 10 you're missing the recipes for level 6,7,8 and 9.
  • After going on multiplayer, It might say connected, and you permanently can't interact (opening doors, pick items up, etc.),and no mobs will spawn. Restarting the server will solve this issue.
  • Occasionally the last item you picked up can be modified in the Weapon Customization screen. (
  • Sapphire Nugget is spelled as "Saphhire Nugget".
  • Cinnamon Roll is spelled as "Cinnamon Role".
  • Rapidly sitting on then leaving a chair can cause a teleport.
  • Fighting a boss for a mission and taking him out of the mission area don't give you the reward for the mission if you kill the boss.
  • Sometimes if you open the map in multiplayer you can't leave it any more : Esc and M or any other key wont work. Restarting the game is the only solution I found.
  • (further info about the previous one) this happens to me because the chat lags, I just wait a bit for the keyboard to stop lagging and press "M-Enter-M" to leave the map
  • In fullscreen if you move the mouse very fast, it will appear for a moment on the border and if you click you jump out of the fullscreen sometimes.
  • Stunning a boss mob whilst it is performing an attack will not stop the attack and it will still do damage.
  • Upon generating a new world or entering an old one, the "Please Wait" screen is displayed virtually forever. I can hear my character moving behind the screen, and I can see damage and healing points being effected, but there is no screen.


  • You can jump while eating.
  • Dodging takes you out of combat.
  • Dodging at the exact time you hit the ground will negate fall damage.
  • You can jump while dodging.
  • After death you can still pick up coins/loot that is near your death point.
  • When you roll and jump right after and then spam jump again it causes you to double-jump
  • Eating while already sitting on bench or stool / sleeping will instantly consumes the food/potion but gives no health.
  • After death you can still use the Q button to place bombs or eat/drinking potions (not regenerating health but uses it).
  • If using a Campsite's bed (AKA Bedrolls), you are able to cast some spells (i.e. Mana Shield) and some you cannot. The ones you cannot make you stutter in bed. If you hold Teleport (as a Mage), your character will stand up and do the animation for casting Teleport but nothing will happen.
  • If you go to sleep in a campsite on a bed or sit on a chair and jump onto a table or a fireplace, you can go through the object.
  • Putting away a sword and shield will cause the shield to be stowed sideways, with the sword sticking through the middle (graphical issue)
  • If you use the rouge skill interception, you can teleport through some thin walls, as in the windows in castles, palaces, allowing you to skip the entire dungeon and go straight to the boss
  • You can climb when you are in the boat, the boat wont disappear until your feet hit the ground.
  • When you get a pet and name it with to names like this mr jerry your player gets its named pet.

Gliding (Special)

  • Occasionally, the glider will not appear until a few seconds after G is pressed.
  • When using the boat, if you remove your boat from inventory, you'll be floating above the water. It will also work with changing your boat for your glider. You'll be riding your glider like a boat that way.
  • Using a glider against a thin wall may sometimes knock you to the other side.
  • While using a Hang-Glider while over water, you can hold G to spam the Special Item (Hang-Glider) and you will be able to fly infinitely, even when Stamina gets low (Regen).
  • If you use the hang-glider while being on the ground and make a roll, the hang-glider get through the ground.
  • You can skip the animation of any attack with using the hang-glider (G) button at the right time allowing the player to chain special attack faster than normal.


The bush glitch
Floating Fish Bug/Glitch
Stuck Shark
  • Some Light sources shine through walls.
  • Campsites (Bedrolls, Campfires, and tents) can not be destroyed even with bombs
  • Bedrolls (and maybe other campfire parts) can spawn on top of water (ocean, river)
  • When the world gets dark so does the Map. Impossible to get any detail from the world map.
  • In Pyramids there are some invisible objects that you can examine and run into/jump on.
  • The 'Please wait' screen does not pause the game, leaving you vulnerable until the world loads.
  • No Markers at portals you found (only way to see portal is to zoom in the map like to see the shops)
  • Sometimes after respawning at a statue, you can get stuck in the landscape. Which sucks if you don't have any bombs.
  • Sometimes on mountains and such in the map a blue undiscovered square will be partially red giving the illusion of lava.
  • Seems to be easily possible to become trapped in a Pyramid if you don't have sufficient points in Climbing before going in
  • Doors will not open when first attempted, but a second attempt will close the door,requiring a third attempt before being able to proceed through it.(multiplayer)
  • When zooming out of the Map, the game may not have saved your previous adventure (AKA where you've been before by showing the lighter blue areas instead of pure blue).
  • In dungeons, any potion, bomb, or food item found on a table will always be power +1. The copper coins however, will vary depending on the area's power, allowing for over 23000 copper coins to be picked up at once.
  • Bush's can spawn inside of land environment, causing them to be completely black.
  • Fishes can become stuck and/or float in midair (near Ocean Biome).
  • Long ranged classes (i.e. Mages/Rangers) require your opponent to be able to attack you (or get to you to attack you); if they can't, your attacks will always show "miss". Sometimes this causes the opponent to heal. This is especially problematic for large bosses and trees.
  • Finding a lava biome at 48 or 49 made it monster free, there wasn't a single monster roaming around, maybe the scaling doesn't work and it didn't find monsters of my level to put there? When I was 51 after a dungeon there were suddenly some devourers spawning so it might have found some then. I've also never seen strong monsters in lower areas like forests outside of the sub-biomes (canyon, ruins, etc) so no idea if that's on purpose or not but it's a bit boring if every area will have the same general difficulty instead of getting a low level forest and high level forest for example.


Power 101 formula
  • Bats will spawn in underwater caves
  • Sea animals can get stuck out of water.
  • Many non-Warrior bosses can use Cyclone.
  • NPC can sell weapons formulas with power 101
  • Bosses will appear on the map even after they are killed.
  • NPCs get stuck on destroyable objects like cotton plants.
  • "Defeat the Ruler of the Ruins" missions will occasionally have no boss.
  • Sometimes when talking to an Innkeeper a different NPC will have a chat bubble.
  • Boomerangs of defeated enemies can still hit you, considering that their user is dead they should just vanish instead.
  • To upgrade equipment with 1 - 4(legendary) star and at power level 50-100 you need 10'000~540'000 Platinum coins (seems impossible).
  • Bosses may reset when they can't attack a player for a long period of time. (Keeping him away with the mage teleport/fire explosion)


  • Pet levels don't save
  • Uses a very large amount of Bandwidth (about 350Mb per player for one hour) - Reddit:[1]
  • When a player come online another instantly die and then cannot respawn without dying again even reconnecting/changing char/changing server, as this player quit bug disappear
  • Not sure if same as the precedent bug: Sometimes a random DoT (damage over time) will appear on a player, killing him again and again. The DoT have random damage amount and random duration. When this bug appear, it can be on more than one player at the same time, but each player have his own values (dmg / time) for the DoT.
  • Using "/connect IP" on a server where you are already connected will create a clone of your character. The clone does nothing and can't be controlled any more, even after disconnecting and reconnecting normally.


  • Re-equipping your pet revives it.
  • "Turtles" are actually tortoises.
  • While the pet is stunned you can ride it.
  • Mounting interrupts eating/drinking potions.
  • A tamed parrot will still drop feathers upon death.
  • Exp/Levels gained on multiplayer servers can't be saved. They reset when the pet is unequipped or the player disconnects.
  • You can ride the pet at any distance as long as you can see it.
  • A tamed Parrot randomly changes colours upon changing server or when called.
  • Being mounted underwater makes you swim faster. (pet riding + swimming skill?)
    • This seems logical, isn't it? Geneosis (talk) 08:59, 1 August 2013 (CDT)
  • After having a pet food out, if you switch to a pet cage you will hold out the cage.
  • If the pet dies with a status effect (Stunned or poison) it will respawn with the effect.
  • If the pet dies while you are riding it, you will have an invisible mount (when it respawns, you are riding the pet again).
  • If you spam "T" while fighting with a pet your pet will get healed and attack. (Pet Stops his attack for a short time then)
  • If you get off a tall pet (E.G. camels, peacocks etc.) while you are near a wall the pet gets teleported up the wall. (you can get off your pet with CTRL/Strg)
  • When riding a pet, opening doors is a pain. This counts as far as I know only for tall animals(E.G. camels, peacocks etc.)
  • If you place a pet food in the pet item slot on your character, you can pick up another food of the exact kind, which is normally not allowed.
  • It is possible to tame boss monsters, however they revert to their original size and the boss will immediately respawn if the pet is unequipped.
  • If you tame a boss pet ater reverting to their normal size they still have their power (if it had them when was a boss, like spawns a skeleton or copies other creatures but the creatures are evil and u can kill them).
  • If Swimming whilst mounting on a tall pet the player will graphically be floating in front of the mounted pet due to its head retracting.
  • Occasionally while fighting, tamed black cats will begin to quickly spin in circles on the ground for a short period of time. It can also be ridden in this state. (only seen with a level 15 black cat)
  • If the current equipped pet has low HP (let's say 150), and the player switches it for a higher HP pet (300), the pet with the high HP will have to regain its HP from the previous pet (150) to its current health (300).
  • If the player withdraws the food while the animal is in the process of being tamed the animal will continue to follow the player around, acting as though the player still has food in its hand, until either the player kills it, finishes the taming process, or logs off. (only tested with sheep)[They actually will attack you, including sheep. They will follow you around as long as you keep moving but if you stop they will attempt to hurt you.]
  • Occasionally pets will not follow or teleport to you when pressing "t", most notably when there is a long distance between yourself and the pet.
    • I suppose it's expected. But I agree, pets should teleport if they are more than 100 squares from you (for example), even if they are still visible. Geneosis (talk) 09:07, 1 August 2013 (CDT)
  • Turtle container have a weird flying pixel cube in an angle. Edit: This is a glitch I can't reproduce, but what possibly happened is that I placed a iron cube there with the workbech by error. No idea how. Geneosis (talk) 09:09, 1 August 2013 (CDT)
  • When taming a pet on a server, if you rename it then remove the cage from the pet slot, a wild pet will respawn (usefull for many players to tame the same pet, but looks like a bug)
  • Riding a turtle while it spins doesnt stop the sound, and it stays with the legs inside until the attack ends. If you approach an enemy while riding this retracted turtle, it will deal the damage that his spin attack normally does on contact.
  • Taming a pet with higher level than you may not adapt it to your level, making it being needed to level up to the pet's level before using it.
  • The projectiles fired from a ranged pet(such as the Spitter or the Snout Beetle) can damage the player if the pet is withdrawn while the projectile is in flight.
  • Pet level sometimes acts weirdly after you tamed them on server: for instance a Mosquito tamed by a friend first had the same level as him right after taming it, then when he placed the cage in the inventory it was level 13336... Geneosis (talk) 09:13, 1 August 2013 (CDT)
  • Slimes in Lava Lands change its color ( mine was blue and in Lava Lands he had green-blue color.Here is image )
  • Pet gets duplicated when equipped. The pet gets equipped but there is another one in the inventory (happened 3 times)
  • Crocodile animations for climbing and swimming seem to be bugged, as the climbing results in broken hands and the swimming ends with a broken neck. I can host images if needed.

Class Specific


The cyclone glitch
  • On multiplayer servers the guardian warriors block ability does not seem to generate MP after a successful block
  • You can climb while using Cyclone.
  • If a Warrior uses Smash right before hitting the ground while falling it resets the momentum/fall distance and saves them from fall damage.
  • When you equip a shield on your right hand it says u have swords equipped.
  • If a Warrior uses Smash while in sailing he will have the boat's momentum.
  • If a Warrior uses Smash while in the air and doesn't hit the ground fast enough it won't do any damage to enemies.
  • You can equip a two-handed weapon and a sword on the left hand with middle mouse, even though you use a two-handed weapon. (Not working with a shield)
  • When using Smash, it's possible to go through a window. (Working for castle). It's really useful to go straight to the boss.
  • You deal an insanely amount of damage, if you charge your RMB (90~100 MP) "release it" and use Cyclone at the same time.


  • Shuriken Throw allows rogues to negate fall damage.
  • While sneaking cubes added to weapons will not fade
  • The Ninja's passive ability "Elusiveness" also causes your auto-attacks to crit, instead of only your special attacks.
  • You can equip a long sword and get a dagger or fist on the left hand with middle mouse button, while using a two-handed weapon
  • When pressing your first skill and second skill at the same time, you start flying towards the point you aim
  • If you use the Rouge skill Interception or the Ninja's Shuriken Throw, you can teleport through some thin walls like the windows in castles and palaces, allowing you to skip the entire dungeon and go straight to the boss
  • Sometimes when Ninja use the right mouse click with 100/100 mana points, instead of decreasing to 0/100, it instantly refills to 100/100 mana points allowing the Ninja to use it again at full power 3 or 4 times in a row. This may be due to the Ninja's passive ability generating mana at the time of the attack.
  • It's possible to get stunned from a skeletons rush attack over the ground while in the air from Shuriken Attack.
  • After using the longsword's special attack, it is possible to jump again, even while airborne.(


  • You can teleport througt castle windows and ceilings.
  • As a Mage you can equip a bracelet on your left hand with middle mouse, even though you use a two-handed weapon. (Staves)
  • While in the Water, especially when friendly NPCs are fighting near you, they can sometimes aggro you. They don't deal damage and will follow you until you leave their spawn.


  • When backed up against a wall, when the camera zooms in I can't fire my bow/it doesn't hit where I'm pointing the cross hare, I'm not sure which it is but it's pretty annoying in dungeons.
  • Cubes attached to your weapon do not turn transparent when you enter stealth.
  • Eating while in stealth as a sniper will place the food on your forehead.
  • If you use the Ranger's Retreat ability against a wall, you will climb the wall extremely fast and without losing stamina.(tested with cheated lvl) which is useful to travel
  • If you use the Ranger's Retreat ability against a castle window, you will pass it (you can skip all the dungeon and fight the boss).
  • If you use the Ranger's Retreat ability and then spam the jump key, you will travel insanely far. This is probably because the retreat speed only decrease when you touch the ground.
  • When the ranger has the crossbow and has a Unholy spirit cube on it, using the glitch where he can use his second ability to fire as many times as the person clicks, he can hit a target, get a crit and gain life if he is dead. Which brings you back to life. EX: Shooting a witch, as the witch kills you and your arrows are still in flight and hit the target with a crit, you gain life and come back alive.
  • Arrows fired from a bow with M1 drop faster than arrows fired with M2 but for the crossbow they drop both the same
  • Boomerangs can't hit enemies on the edge to darkness at night, like when you have your lantern on and they move through the edge and are good visible but don't get names on hovering the boomerang goes straight through, bow and crossbow though would hit.
  • Using retreat doesn't unstealth you although you moved a fair amount around by it.
  • If you use the Ranger's boomerang and spam m2 fast enough it will do full damage and charge your mana bar edit: added a video to better showcase the bug

Unconfirmed Bugs

  • Dodge stops working. Jump demands space first and then w for forward (can't do both at once and still jump).
  • When you scroll down a shop list and exit (i.e. Potion Shop), it will remain at the same place even if you are at another shop (i.e. Weapon Shop)
    • The scroll should probably reset to the top for new shops, I could see an argument for it staying the same in the current shop
      • I've also experienced the scrollbar full sized being able to be moved off the shop UI frame when this happens. Clicking one of the arrows resizes it appropriately
  • The player cannot sleep on a mat if a pet is following them.
    • Can't or is it hard to?
      • Players can't sleep on a mat if their weapons are in their hands, be sure not to make the mistake.-Geneosis
      • I have to jump to get on a mat a lot of times. I won't have a weapon in my hand but I do have a pet, I don't know if it happens without a pet. But I won't be able to get on the mat but if I jump on/over/around the mat it will put me on the mat. Lately I'll have to jump multiple times before I get on the mat.
  • Sometimes, items generate. For instance, after stuffing away the glider an Iron Cube appeared out of nowhere in the inventory. This might be caused by a certain key combination, but since I have no clue I'll leave it vague.
  • Items dropped but not picked up don't fade away after certain amount of time.
    • Don't sounds like a bug for me, I would say it's a really great feature. -Geneosis
      • Items don't seem to ever despawn, indeed. It may be intentional, but I don't know if it may harm performance when they're too many. Pet food will often be left lying around, since you can only pick one of each. Items can also be stuck/hidden in walls, further contributing to the amount of neglected items around the world. -Skaruts (talk) 12:16, 18 July 2013 (CDT)
        • Well maybe add a cooldown for items dropped by mobs to improve perfs, but items dropped by players should stay forever imo. Geneosis (talk) 08:46, 1 August 2013 (CDT)
  • Taming a Raccoon while it is attacking will force the Raccoon to endlessly attack.
  • The Mage can cast Mana Shield without interrupting attacks or dismounting of Pet/Hang Glider/Boat
    • I am pretty sure that is not a bug because some abilities, you have a 'timer' animation, such as the Mage's basic attack and special attack. And the Mana Shield does not have a 'timer' animation. -Herduet
  • If fighting a mission boss before midnight carries on too long, its possible for the missions to change and you will no longer claim a reward for your current mission.
  • If you get the lucky x2, x3, etc. when processing raw materials, and you have 49 of that item (lets say iron cubes) you will pass the limit, getting 51, 52. (limit is 50).
    • This happened to me when collecting plant fiber, too, actually. This was on a server, if that's any relevence - Schala (talk) 18:37, 13 July 2013 (CDT)
      • It may be intentional, as to prevent you from being robbed of the precious bonus. Or at least it may be a beneficial bug. -Skaruts (talk) 12:19, 18 July 2013 (CDT)
  • Occasionally, mineral deposits are found stuck in the terrain walls and are untargetable
    • My "solution" to this has been to place a bomb. This seems to be bombs' intended use (as I can't seem to think of anything else other than simply destroying terrain for fun)
  • Occasionally, the game gets stuck in the cursor mode (When you hit esc) and cannot go back unless you exit the game and restart
  • Clicking on the top corners will minimize the game even in fullscreen
    • Could it be the cursor speed moving bug that lets you jump out of the fullscreen? -Daniel
  • Seemingly client-side bug where, while connected to a server, you will not be able to have movements register (you will move but other players will not see you move), dropped items will disappear, and damage will not be done. Items can be lost.
    • Bug where some buildings appear outside of a city and causes a district to be in lands of <NAME>. I have a image if you want it.

False Reports (Misunderstandings)

  • A player's pet will continuously hit a Dummy or Target if you attack it. Also, by switching pets, the changed pet will continue doing what the previous pet did: hitting the target repeatedly. This can only be cancelled by walking about 40 blocks on the original pet. If switched with main pet and you walk away, it will be 100 blocks or so. (It is annoying especially if you have a Monkey that repeatedly attacks.)
    • Similar to hitting a Dummy or Target for pets, if you attack a placed bomb, your pet will also attack it, thus hurting it unintentionally.
      • Press 'T' to callback your pet -roon
  • When trying to sleep on a bed or mat, you have to wait until you have withdrawn your weapon(s). This especially happens after you unmount from a pet.
    • This is likely intentional, so that you can't hop in a bed mid-combat.
      • I'm not sure. Isn't a bed in mid combat just as bad an idea as eating? -Skaruts (talk) 12:06, 18 July 2013 (CDT)
  • Killing more than one mob at once will only give the xp for one of the mobs.
    • Getting only a certain amount of experience for killing multiple creatures is just the experience combined if you kill them all at the same time.
  • 'Spirit cubes' for customization can disappear by dragging them out of the Customization Window. (Thats how u can remove them.)
  • On random occasions you won't be able to ride your pet. Taking your pet into water will fix this temporarily. (Turns out this is intentional, it has a thirst meter.)
  • Sometimes an unknown error makes it impossible to ride any pet with any player in any world. If you press [R], the pet will teleport inside you, then often just sliding away. You don't sit on the pet then, you just stay where you are. Might be fixed with deleting the entire savestate, has to be tested by me (Daniel).
    • Daniel maybe the pet needed some water, was the thirst meter full? -roon
    • Nope, happened to me when I just tamed a new mob (thirst meter was full) and it was on a server I think. After a moment it finally worked, but it still can be a water problem : maybe tamed mobs can have weird thirst meter values. -Geneosis
    • Well i have a new savestate now (got lvl 100 on a server and that does not make fun, also i wanted a clean version after the new update) and it works again, if i'll run into the same problem again, i'll try to go into water with the pet. Thanks to Roon and Geneosis. -Daniel
      • Ok to clear the debate here is the answer : the thirst meter is shared between all your pets (this is weird but it's probably less cheated this way) so even if you tame a new ridable pet, if your thirst meter was empty you can't ride it. Geneosis (talk) 08:50, 1 August 2013 (CDT)

Patched Bugs

  • 05/07/13 Spamming "O" regenerates MP.
  • 05/07/13 You can sell invisible items invinite times.
  • 23/7/13 If you use the Ranger's Retreat ability while holding Shift and looking behind you can then glide [G] extremely fast and if you hold space, you will lift up very quickly.
  • 23/7/13 If you use the Ranger's Retreat ability on a multiplayer server it might crash the server.
  • 23/7/13 A Ranger with a crossbow has the ability to fire with maximum attack speed (as fast as you can click) with their M2 ability dealing the same amount of damage per hit. (Now it only deals damage when charged).
  • 23/7/13 Multiplayer groups recieve too much XP for missions.

Thanks to DJAcidix, 420, BrandonZ201, FusionByte, dawnbomb, K9, Chris, LanceDH, Bismuth, Montrey, Swimmerwoad, Aeather, CubeManiac, Sildur, Bitmicro, RALproject, Rhayen, Alukia, 3SomeToday, Night, Epicprodigy, Rik_s, Rincebrain, Zakami, Funk, Sharp117, Ziibbii, Wolfsshadow, Blaqkoffee, MattFernalld, Metrunuituraga, Victim, Roon, Daniel,Finderr,Nemissan, Captain_Trent, PuarZilla, Jikar