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Changer de map

Quand vous choisissez un personnage à ajouter à votre monde, il aura tous les items, niveaux et pets qu'il avait dans l'autre map.

So you can hop from map to map while working on leveling your character.


If you find any good seeds and want to share please write the seed with a description: here.

Check the Equipment Catalog By Seed page for equipment by level in spawn towns.

Items In Nearest Town


Legendary Lamp 13375, 900, 5790, 3343322, 75812305, 018563, 115, 373 Yellow quality lamp, costs 4 copper at starting village, extremely bright. Youtube : [1].
Epic Lamp 80085, 9032 Purple quality lamp, costs 3 copper at starting village, very bright.
Blue Iron Lamp 27714367 Blue quality lamp, costs 2 copper at starting village, bright.
Green Iron Lamp 7 Green quality lamp, costs 2 copper at starting village, semi-bright.
Green Iron Lamp 80088008 Green and purple quality lamp, costs 2 copper and 3 copper at starting village, semit-bright and very bright.
Epic Lamp

Pet Foods

Pet Foods 0, 25, 98744 Chocolate Donut (Mole).
Pet Foods 1, 26, 30057153 Cotton Candy (Sheep).
Pet Foods 3, 9, 311772, 31551025 Candy (Cat).
Pet Foods 5, 8, 11100111 Waffle (Terrier).
Pet Foods 404, 80085 Carrot (Bunny).
Pet Foods 7, 10, 707, 900, 12897, 6041404, 994616517, 373 Bubblegum (Collie).


Tier 2, 3, 4 loot 8675309 South West of spawn, Ruins of Ikola contain Undeads +4, Skullbulls and Beetles.
Tier 5 loot recipes 9254 (Seed needs to be checked, seems to not work) Straight North of spawn, Narmor Pyramid(In a chest in the boss room) (Seed needs to be checked) (It does work just not quite due north anymore,
+72 Red Rogue Boots 81425268 Very far Video has directions. Seed Hunt

Au Spawn

Creature 23 Spawn à côté d'un Ogre.

Item Drops

Unholy Spirit +70 797 Go to the starting town and then walk to the north-east. You will find a Nardar Lake, Spitter Boss drops the Unholy Spirit. image
Unholy Spirit +61 7777 Go to the starting town and then walk to the east, direction to lava Biome. You will find a Skull Bull boss that drops the Unholy Spirit. Image

NOTE: The Screenshot helped but the lack of a compass was a bit confusing. West is pointed towards the top of the screen.

Unholy Spirit +29 66896 Go North-East to the starting town from spawn and you'll run into a cow boss that drops the spirit.
Unholy Spirit +24 814288 Go to the starting town and then walk to the south. There will be a "Rock of ..." Location. Behind that Rock, there is a river leading into the rock. Follow the river and you will find a cow boss that drops the Wind Spirit.
Unholy Spirit +20 and Ore rich 999 Go south-southwest to a river, follow the river until you are in between two large mountains, on the left of the river is a named terrier that drops the unholy spirit. Also, the two mountains are very rich in ore, stay near the bottom and look for caves, there is 5 in the western, and 2 in the eastern. ( A lot of Iron, good amount of Silver Deposit, 1 Gold Deposit, 2 emeralds)
Wind Spirit +14 98765 West of the starting town on the mountainside you will find an Alpaca boss that drops the wind spirit.
Unholy Spirit +17 138 Just outside starting town, explore to find Asgar epic cat boss, drops Unholy Spirit +17.
Unholy Spirit +14 8008 Hill near spawn, sheep boss drops Unholy Spirit +??
Wind Spirit +29 8675309 North-east from the closest town, Undead boss in a Ruins dungeon.
Wind Spirit +29 25 Biter boss North-East of Spawn, before town.
Wind Spirit +24 17 Walk to the top of nearest mountains to spawn, kill epic horse for spirit.
Wind Spirit +20 1489 Boss Fly right behind start location at top of hill.
Wind Spirit +14 522101 Right where you spawn Lantor Alpaca Boss right there.
Wind Spirit +14 2027 Collie Boss North-East of Spawn, on the way to town. Map
Fire Spirit +36 50135 Explore initial spawn area, off the path to the west is a biter called Krosel, kill it. There is also a Cormling boss right next to Krosel that drops an Unholy Spirit +17.
Fire Spirit +17 8 As you spawn, head to the north-west, theres location named Damalan Lake. Giant Crab can be found here, kill him and get your spirit. Theres also giant Cat near river North to the lake, it drops wind [[spirit] +10.
Fire Spirit +5 9876543 Spawns you next to Mole Boss, kill for Fire Spirit.
Fire Spirit +5 814288 Go to the town and then head to the nearest mountain, behind that, there is a river, on the east-side of the river there is a Scottish Terrier called Gedara. Kill it.
Ice Spirit +36 42545 Go west of the town and south of the Kromor Mountains and there is a Hornet boss that drops it.
Ice Spirit +51 9 Squirrel boss very close to the spawn point
Ice Spirit +62 1987 Go north of the spawn town to Thalrok Lake, Spitter Boss drops it - YouTube
Wind Spirit +14 1 South East of spawn across the river Plains Runner Boss drops it


Diamond Cave 34564 Cave midway up hill immediately South-East of spawn.Image & map

Youtube: [2].

Ruby Cave 50587 Between spawn point and the first town is mountain with a few, iron-rich cave systems. The ruby ore is in a cave visible from the south end of town. Image & map
Ore rich 8675309 Ruby, Gold, Iron, Silver, Emerald. When you spawn, turn 180 degrees and go to mountains or Mountains straight ahead (explore for cave). Youtube : [3]. YouTube (english) : [4]
Ore rich 404 Large mines east of first town in Sanrior Canyon, also Dwarf boss here. Peacock Boss North of Sanrior about 3 blocks. Spitter Boss East side of Senora Lake 13N 4W of First spawn.
Ore rich 420 lots of ore everywhere, but the best location is directly northwest of town, right before you get to your first castle
Ore rich 1337 Very ore rich, scattered
Sapphire and gold 25558 Spawns near a cross of mountains. Immediately west from the crossing point there are gold and sapphire (look for a blue glow). YouTube: [5]
Ore rich 209222 West of first town, mountain range contains Sapphire, gold, silver, iron, emerald. Bring bomb for sapphire. Where the cave is located: The first town (Damadara town) also has the legendary, very bright, yellow lamp
Extremely Ore Rich 7661989 Link has all the info. Seed has diamonds, bosses, tons of iron, gold, silver and emerald close to spawn. When you are in the diamond location, one way to farm it is by first taking the dimonds then go to start menu, then you enter the world again with the diamond infront of you. Youtube : [6]
More Ores Than You Can Carry 273 South West of starting town, Duralan Mountains has many massive tunnel complex containing many low and high level ores.
Ore Rich 1 South of starting town, Irokia Mountains has massive tunnel complex containing many low level ores.
Ore Rich 78910 In the Mountains around the town. Also has +2 area with Spitter +2 and Crab +2, a lake and a Castle, Bubblegum in the Town store Map: [7]
Ore Rich 46546548 West of the starting town is a dungeon called the Ruins of Anrior. West of those ruins is a mountain. There is a cave pretty much in a straight line west from the dungeon with diamonds inside of it. I believe i entered the cave from an opening at the top of the mountain. Bring a bomb, you may not be able to get it without one due to it being partially embedded in a rock.
Ore Rich 1337420 To the south and west of Segar forest (close to spawn) there is Iron and Emerald rich caves.
Ore Rich 26879 To the South-West of the spawn, cave with many gold and iron. MAP:
Diamonds 794620 Walk along the eastern road out of the city, cross the Kurka Lake, keep going on the way to Gerior Valley. Turn left and walk along the mountains to a cave near the trees. In the cave, the rocks on the left, you will find the diamonds. YouTube

Dungeons and Castles

More than 10 castles 66666 More than 10 castles throughout the spawn biome
Spawn near 3 dungeons 4215864
2 castles 405517260 2 castles, tree with world boss and catacomb near spawn. (also has Legendary Lamp and 1 mission in town)
3 Dungeons 00012 3 dungeons, 1 mission, mines (1 with diamond) (Collie boss and Human boss in the big mountain and its valley south of the town, and Skeleton boss in Ruins a little further)
4 Dungeons, Collie at Spawn 8431789 Good XP/Money
Catacomb 100 Catacomb of Teroion, directly east of the spawn town, past the sword objective - [8]
Catacombs with +4 mobs 99999 The Catacombs are the Catacombs of Gamor, South East of the Starting City - Youtube [9]]
Mountain with +4 mobs 300 Drops 70+ Tier 2,3,4 (THIS IS SPARTA!) The Mountain is Sela Mountains, South of the Starting City (Anlon City). Also good leveling place on the map - Credits Serrh & Bomil
Vargar Pyramids 214236 Has +4 Mobs, West of spawn in desert biome - YouTube
Thalrok Lake 1987 Has +4 Spitter Boss, North of spawn town - YouTube

Pour les débutants

Pour les nouveaux joueurs 12345 Beaucoup de mines !


Grasslands 1 only grasslands, no over Landscape -
Desert Landscape 26879 West of spawn, desert can be found. Useful for desert resoruces.
Jungle Landscape 9071985 Head east from spawn location, you will find a Jungle Landscape, contains Crocodiles (pet).
Lava Lands Landscape 7777 East from the first spawn town. Very large Lava Land Landscape.
Ocean Landscape 420 Head north from first town, there are chocolate doughnuts in the shop(moles)
Multi-Landscape 9876543 South, North, East snow lands, North east ocean, West Lava Land, map here
Snow and Lava 782013 To the southwest of spawn is a snow landscape, and a lava landscape on the other side of it.

Notable Creatures

Alpaca and Horse 5556481 Explore within 4 blocks chunks of spawn to find bosses.
Crow and Horse 111 Head to the mountain north-west of spawn.
Pig 21897 Giant pig at spawn, also alpaca near the pig
Spitter and Crab 50, 2013 Very close to spawn. North West. (Video)
Parrot 1 Head east from near town until you reach "Ikono Tree": Parrot +4 near boss.
Turtle 4856, 17091987 and 1 Puts a turtle right in front of you
Slime 264960028 Head west of town to a canyon full of undead and at least one slime of each color (power 1)
Rockling boss 1234 Rockling boss south-southeast of starting city - [10]
wolf boss 9999999 Wolf Boss that spawns undead West of town just past ruins, drops Fire Spirit +46.
Sheep and Snout Beetle bosses 8008 North of Spawn
Lemon Beetle Boss 50587 Hilltop North-West of spawn town (Map). Drops Unholy Spirit +36
Raccoon boss 133753317
Skull Bull boss 3293844 Northeast spawning, between the city and spawning
Dwarf, Peacock and Spitter and cormling bosses 404 Large mines east of first town in Sanrior Canyon, also Dwarf boss here. Peacock Boss North of Sanrior about 3 blocks. Spitter Boss East side of Senora Lake 13N 4W of First spawn.
Fly Boss 98646 Southwest of spawn, see 235 on the map
Cormling boss [spirit ice +17] Owl Boss [Fire Spirit +14] 314159 To the Northwest of spawn
Spitter Boss +4 1987 North of starting town, very close, in Thalrok Lake. Drops Ice Spirit +62. Video
Ember Golem and Hell Demon 7777 Head east from where you spawn the a Lava landscape

Multiplayer Default Seed

  • The Thaldar Mountains are by far the most rich in ore mountains. There was easily at least 10 emerald deposits, and a boat load of silver and gold.
  • To the west of Spawn Point is the desert area.
  • West of the town is a castle with +4s
  • Map: [11]
  • Video: How to Find a Portal [12][13]
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