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Difficulty is a game term generically used to describe how hard something is to achieve. Fighting an enemy, completing a mission or a quest are examples of tasks that would vary in difficulty. This is often indicated by color. In Cube World, only enemies are indicated this way (and in that sense, also dungeons).



The enemies in Cube World will vary in difficulty, indicated by the color of their name-tag, seen above their health indicator. The different colors indicate how much of a challenge it will be to fight and defeat that enemy:

  • White: Easy. The enemy is way below your current level, but will still grant you a minimal amount of experience once killed.
  • Light blue: Medium. The enemy is close to your own level, but should not be too much of a threat. It is recommended to fight medium enemies to level up.
  • Orange: Hard. This enemy is beyond your level and will prove quite the challenge to defeat. For the skilled player, killing these enemies is a good way to level fast.
  • Red: Extreme. This enemy should be avoided. You may not cause enough damage to this enemy to defeat it before it defeats you.


Dungeons follow the same difficulty rating as any regular enemy. There is currently no way to know the difficulty of a dungeon without facing one of the enemies inside; their difficulty level is defined by the overall dungeon difficulty.

Crafting and formulas

Crafting follows no regular form of difficulty as there is no way to "level up" or improve your crafting abilities by any other means than leveling your character through experience from kills.

Formulas are based off class and power level, and similar to crafting, does not following a regular form of difficulty for the same reasons reasons. It follows the simple logic: If the formula is meant for the same class as your character, and you have the same - or a greater - power level as the item, then you can use the formula to learn that crafting ability.

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