Dark Troll

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Dark Trolls are boss monsters with faster attacks than normal Trolls, because of their two huge maces. They are of rare appearance.


They Charge and use a variety or special attacks to slay the player, often using their dual clubs to swing swiftly.


Dark Trolls are variations of the slower Trolls, and are just as slow. This allows for a quick escape, or a strategic attack from the player.

Strategic Offence

To kill a Dark Troll, it is important to take its Strength's and Weakness's. The player might want to have a fast mêlée weapon, and preferably an open area. This will allow the player to run around the Dark Troll, taking advantage of the Dark Trolls lack of speed. However, the player must be wary of the dual clubs the Dark Trolls wield - They do a lot of damage!