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Iron Dagger.PNG

A dagger is a weapon that can be used by the Rogue character. They have a medium-fast attack speed, and they also have moderate-low damage.

You can have a dagger and a fist weapon at the same time. But, whatever you have in your right weapon slot will determine the M1 and M2 abilities that your character will have.


When equipping daggers, you get the dagger abilities Jab (M1) and Poison (M2)


This attack will cause you to attack with both of your weapons, while alternating between attacks. Meaning that you will attack with your left dagger/fist then with your right, and again with your left.

M1 Dagger.PNG


Stab forwards with both your weapons, poisoning your foe. This attack applies a damage over time effect to your foe that ticks 7 times, each tick dealing 10% of the "stab's" damage, for a total of 70%.

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