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The Basics

Cube World is an open world RPG akin to Diablo, Legend of Zelda, and with aesthetics similar to Minecraft. The game's system is based on Exploration, Crafting, and Combat.


Exploration is a fundamental part of the Cube World experience. Beautiful vistas and fantasy landscapes are abound in Cubeworld. After the player has created a character and chosen a world seed, the character is spawned into one of the many cities and from there, they have full control and explore anywhere they wish. The world the player inhabits is extremely large, and the player can spend whole in game days crossing the various Landscapes of the game.


Crafting is a integral part of the game. A character can learn to make many items such as Life Potions, Weapons, and Armor. As you level up, your character learns more formulas or finds them as drops from creatures. Then after gathering the materials required to make a new weapon or food item. Additionally is the ability to customize weapons. Leftover Spirits can be added to a weapon to increase damage or to add life steal to a weapon's stats.


Combat is centered around the cursor. Without an auto-aim, a player's skill and maneuverability is what saves him/her in a fight. Combat is the only way a character can start leveling.

The First World

This is what the world looks like from the character generation screen.

This is what the world looks like from the character generation screen.