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With crafting in Cube World you can create Armor, Weapons, Jewellery, Food and Potions. In order to craft different items you can use the crafting menu. Certain items can only be crafted while the player is standing near certain crafting props: Fire, Spinning Wheel, Anvil, Workbench, Loom, Furnace and Saw. Each class (Warrior, Ranger, Mage and Rogue) can only craft Armour and Weapons available to that class.

When crafting the building materials needed for making actual items (ie. making blocks such as iron and wood) there is a chance to gain 2, and rarely, 3 and in very rare case,4 materials for 1 input. You will hear a slight pinging sound when this occurs.

Basic Formulas

Base elements used in other recipes, making wood/metal cubes, filling water flasks, etc.

Weapon Crafting

Each class can craft weapons available to their class.

Armor Crafting

Each class can craft Armor available to their class.

Amulet Crafting

All classes can craft rings and amulets. Rings and amulets have secondary stats useful for all classes. Players will not unlock amulets or rings formulas when leveling, the only way they can obtain them is by looting mobs, although it's pretty rare.

Cooking Formulas

Players can craft food for cheap out-of-combat healing and buffs.

Alchemy Formulas

Players can craft healing potions and other useful potions.

Players can also customize weapons with various blocks they find while exploring. They do this by physically placing the blocks on the weapons using a crafting station. These additions will change the appearance of the item in game. Moreover, players can find some blocks, especially from defeated bosses, that will modify the stats of the item they are placed on.

Precious Stone

A player can find four different precious stone when he/she is mining in caves. They are used to craft higher tiers of equipment.

  • Emerald  : 1 star rarity (green)
  • Sapphire : 2 stars rarity (blue)
  • Ruby  : 3 stars rarity (purple)
  • Diamond  : 4 stars rarity (gold)

The color of the formulas indicate which type of precious stone is required to craft the item. The number of stars ( on the bottom left corner or the image in game of the item) determine the quality of the object and therefore its power.

  • The Tier 0 doesn't require any precious stone and is white.
  • The Tier 1 requires one or several Emeralds and is green.
  • The Tier 2 requires one or several Sapphires and is blue.
  • The Tier 3 requires one or several Rubies and is purple.
  • The Tier 4 requires one or several Diamonds and is gold.


Formulas are schematics used for crafting items. In order to craft an item, the player must have a formula for the item and all the required materials. Materials can be gathered from the world or looted from defeated enemies. Formulas can also be found in a number of ways.

If the item the formula describes is a class-restricted item, only a player of that class can study the formula to craft the item. Studying a formula consumes the formula item and adds the formula to the player's crafting menu.

All Recipes


As players level up more crafting formulas become automatically available to them. This allows the player to create items relevant to his or her level.


Towns are another place players can obtain formulas. Many town vendors sell formulas for a small price.


Many enemies have a chance to drop formulas after being defeated.


Use Spirit cubes with a Customization Bench to add enhancements to your items

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