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Coob3-small.pngCoob is a CubeWorld multiplayer server written in C# with emphasis on moddability. It's designed to work on mono flawlessly so it runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. It is only actively being tested on Windows and Linux.



Scripting Info

Example of a script callback:

 function onEntityUpdate(entity, client) {
     LogInfo("Client #" + client.ID + "'s X velocity is " + entity.Velocity.X);
     return true;

Coob Velocity.gif

Example of blocking any joining players whose level is above 300:

 function onClientJoin(client) {
   var id = client.ID;
   var entity = client.Entity;
   var name = entity.Name;

   LogInfo("Client #" + id + ", " + name + " has joined.");

   if (entity.Level > 300) {
       client.Disconnect("Level over 300.");
       return false;
   return true;

Example of implementing chat commands:

 function onChatMessage(message, client) {
    LogInfo("<" + client.Entity.Name + "> " + message);

    if (message.StartsWith("/help")) {
       client.SendServerMessage("There are no commands yet, sorry");
       return false;
   return true;


The development and support irc channel is #coob on

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