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Control Action Description
Numbers 1-4 Use Ability When you learn abilities (skills) they are assigned to one of these four keys. Pressing the key will activate the specific ability.
Q Use Quick Item Use the currently selected Quick Item. You can see which Quick Item is active in the Quick Select wheel or in the Hot Bar.
Tab Select Quick Item Pulls up the Quick Select wheel for changing your Quick Item.
W A S D Move These are your standard movements keys.

W - Forward

A - Left

S - Backward

D - Right

It should be noted that A and D strafe, they do not turn your character.

Shift Walk, Free Aim Slows your movement speed to a walk.
Ctrl Climb Hold the control key to climb a vertical surface using your forward (up) and back (down) keys.
Space Jump
Esc Menu This will bring up a menu with a list of hotkeys for other dialogs.


F1 Help This will bring up the Controls quick reference chart (pictured above).
E Pick up Pick up an item, adding it to your inventory.
R Interact Interact with an Item, NPC, or crafting tool.
F Light Activate your currently equipped lamp.
G Special Item Active your currently equipped special item, currently either Hang Glider or Boat.
T Call Pet Call your pet back from attacking.
X Skills Display the Skills dialog.
C Crafting Display the crafting dialog.
V Toggle HP Bars
B and I Inventory Display your inventory.
M World Map Display the World Map
Return/Enter Chat Open chat dialog for typing in commands (e.g. /name or /namepet) or chatting with others in multiplayer.
M1 / Left Click Normal Attack Performs the basic attack for whatever weapon you have equipped.
M2 / Right Click Special Attack Performs the special attack for whatever weapon you have equipped.
M3 / Scroll Wheel Dodge/Zoom Clicking the scroll wheel will perform a dodge, or roll. Scrolling the wheel will zoom the camera in and out.

Workaround for customisation

The controls cannot be customised at this time. However, it is possible to remap the keys using a program such as AutoHotkey. Additionally, game controllers like Logitech have freely downloadable controller profiling software. Though, your aim won't be as easy with a joystick as it is with a mouse.

Key Remapping (Coming soon)