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CubeWorld features action RPG combat, meaning there is no auto-aim; if your target is "outside" of the crosshair, you miss. You, and enemies, can dodge to exploit this. Dodging requires stamina, and makes the player immune to damage for 0.6 seconds.

Combo system:

  • Subsequent attacks do more damage and can be performed faster. This doesn't apply to all classes though.
  • Different weapon types have different combo attacks. (For example, a crossbow will fire a powerful shot for its combo, while a bow will fire a volley of shots)
  • If an attack misses, or a few seconds have passed, the combo chain is ended. (Time until combo chain runs out: 5 seconds)
  • Use Dodging (Default: Middle Mouse Click) to avoid damage by clicking just before an enemy attacks. Dodging depletes stamina, so try to remain conscious of how much you have left while fighting.
  • If you lose all your HP you die. Death can come quick.

Monster names and location names (on world map):

White = Weaker than you

Blue = Around your level

Orange = Slightly higher than you

Red = Much higher than you


See TGN's video guide here:

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