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The various classes of Cube World. Warrior(left), Ranger(middle-left), Mage(middle-right), Rogue(right)

There are currently 4 classes for Cube World. Each class has 2 sub-classes, for a total of 8 sub-classes. These are called specializations. Each specialization will change your character in some significant way, allowing you to specialize your character how it fits you best. Choosing a specialization is free while a character is level 1. Once it levels up, you must see the class trainer in a city in order to change specialization and/or alter your skill choices. All characters start out with the default specialization for their class.



Warriors are the master of close-range combat. They wear heavy armor and wield swords, axes, maces, greatswords, greataxes, greatmaces and/or shields.



CWW warrior-guardian.png

Can block attacks with all weapons and have increased health. They can also become immune against stun attacks.


CWW warrior-berserker.png
Profit from war frenzy, which increases their attack speed with each hit. They can also charge attacks more quickly.


Rogues are a stealthy fighter specialized in sneaking, cheating and fast attacks. They wear medium armor and attack with daggers, fist weapons and longswords.



CWW rogue-assassin.png
Ambush enemies using stealth attacks. Their special attacks increase stealth. Assassins have improved stealth abilities.


CWW rogue-ninja.png
Specialized in evasion and counter attacks. They dodge during special attacks and can throw shurikens.


Mages utilize the mind to control the spirit and to cast powerful spells. In contrast to all other classes, the Spirit Mage passively generates spirit over time. They wear light armor and attack with staffs and wands. Spirit Mages specialize in fire or water spells.

Spirit mage.jpg

Fire Mage

CWW mage-fire.png
Can shoot firebolts and fireballs to burn their enemies. They have special attacks that have a chance to become instantly chargeable and can cast fire explosions.

Water Mage

CWW mage-water.png
Can cast water drops and water splashes. The resulting water puddles heal friendly targets. Their attack speed is also increased with each hit. The Water Mage also has healing spells.


Rangers defeat foes from a distance. They wear medium armor and attack with bows, crossbows and boomerangs.



CWW ranger-sniper.png
Snipers focus on precision aiming and long-range attacks. They also utilize the stealth system to deal a massive amount of damage as a surprise attack. Although featuring high damage, Snipers have below-average attack speed.


CWW ranger-scout.png
Focuses on speed and mobility, as well as boasting a high attack speed with average damage. Useful for rushing ahead of the group and implementing hit & run tactics.