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Sangar City - a city in a jungle biome
If you view the map screen, and zoom in until the district names show up, you will be able to see the different shop signs.
City icon on the map.
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For each biome, there is a city. Every city shares the name of the biome it is located in, following the naming convention "<NAME> City". Cities are connected to each other by roads. There are different styles of city, these include: European style, North American style, log houses, and Desert cities. In a city you can trade items, find new pets, or craft new items.

A video tutorial can be found here, which includes all info:

Each city is divided into four districts:

Pet District

In the Pet District you can find the usual pets, such as different kinds of dogs and cats, pigs, and sometimes sheep.

These Pets are available for Taming if you have the correct Pet Food.

Pet district.png

Adventurer District

In the Adventurer District, you can find a Class Trainer for your class. They are needed for certain tasks, such as removing skill points that have already been set, or changing specialization.

Rouge class-trainter.png

This is the rogue class trainer.

Each town has a big tower. In this tower you can find a shopkeeper who can adapt your gear.

Adapt guy.png

The shopkeeper will have two crossed swords over his head, similar to the quest marks on the map.

Occasionally, the shopkeeper will give you a quest upon talking to him. This type of quest is known as a "besiege" quest, and is not yet fully implemented.

Crafting District

In the Crafting District there are three main shops:

The Smith

The Smith's Shop allows you to smelt your Iron, Gold and Silver Nuggets into Cubes of the respective materials used. This can be accomplished by using the Furnace.

You can also use the Anvil to craft new Iron Weapons and Armors using the Formulas you have in your possession.

Finally, you can also use the Customization Bench to modify the appearance of your Weapons (including Shields) while also improving their Stats.

Customization bench.png

This is the Customization Interface. You can rotate your weapon by clicking and dragging with the Middle Mouse Button. Once a Cube is placed, it cannot be taken back from the weapon. It can only be moved to a different location on the same weapon or it can be destroyed by dragging the block outside of the Customization Bench window. The maximum amount of Cubes varies. Usually 16 cubes for One-Handed Weapons, and 32 cubes for Two-Handed Weapons.

The Woodworker

The Woodworker's Shop lets you use the Saw to cut your Wood Logs into Wood Cubes.

You can also find a Workbench which allows you to craft Weapons using wood as their primary material, such as Staves and Bows.

Woodwork shop.png

The Tailor

At the Tailor's shop you can find the Spinning Wheel, which allows you to create linen, cotton and silk yarn.

You can also find the Loom, which can be used to craft various types of armour.

Sewing shop.png

Trade District

There are four main shops in the Trade District:

The Armor shop is marked by a chestplate, and sells all different kinds of armor.

The Weapon shop is marked by a sword, and sells weapons for all classes.

The Item shop sells pet food, base items such as the Hang Glider, Boats, Formulas and Bombs.

The Identifier can identify leftovers for approx. 1 copper coin. By identifying leftovers you can obtain weapons, armor and recipes.

Each world seed changes the items that are able to be bought from the shop.

All items can be sold for the same value at each shop.

Shop icons.png

Item shop Armor shop
Weapon Shop Identifier

City styles

Every city has a specific style. There are five styles: European, North American, log, mediterranean and desert (oriental) cities with some color palette variations. The pictures are in the same order. European house.PNG North american house.PNG Log house.PNG Mediterranean house.PNG Desert house.PNG



Each city has Inns scattered within it, usually around the outside. By talking to the Inn owner between 6pm and 6am you can reset the time to 7:00 AM.


You can sleep on a bed in the Inn for free to recover health, but you can also sleep in any NPC house that contains a bed.

Inn Bed.png


Farms surround the Cities. They're a good place to find Pumpkins or Pineapples. These farms often contain Scarecrows and also other crops, such as Wheat, Corn or Sun Flowers, though which are not harvestable.


A Pumpkin farm in Cube World. In the background is a wheat farm.


The ability to build Buildings has been stated by Wollay as a future enhancement to Cube World. Whether they will need to be part of Cities or can exist anywhere is not yet known.


Prior to version 0.1.1 : The time would reset to 7am, no matter when you spoke to the Innkeeper.