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With the addition of the link melee weapons that was added in the warrior page, I'm suggesting adding links to lists of specific types of weapons onto this page, such as:

Melee Weapons

Ranged Weapons

Magic Weapons

inside those we can list corresponding weapons rather than a big long list here.

I added specific sections for each class. 7/9/13 -Raffaws

Does the game really say Shuriuken? --Lg188 (talk) 02:03, 10 July 2013 (CDT)

Whoops I spelled it wrong. It is now fixed. -Raffaws

Figured out the pattern to weapons and their damage.

NOTE: Working mainly on the Weapon Damage page! For better info, head over there.

While working on how to best show the differences of the names, I came across what I think is how the weapons are generated.

On my personal page, user:bonzaii , I compiled data. It seems that the name doesn't correlate to the power level or the damage. It seems to be the key to HP / Tempo / Crit / Regeneration. The base name of the weapon, along with the power level, determine ONLY the damage of the weapon. The small table under this shows wood wands as an example.

pre-name name power dmg hp tempo crit
used wood wand 1 8 3.4 2.5
worn wood wand 1 8 4.8 2 0.3
worn wood wand 1 8 3.6 0.5 1
battered wood wand 5 8.8 5.1 0.4 1.2
dusty wood wand 10 9.7 4.2 1.8 0.6
worn wood wand 10 9.7 4.8 0.2 1.4

All level 1 wood wands are at 8 damage, 5 at 8.8, 10 at 9.7. The rest of the columns are randomly generated, most likely by the name calling for a set of values within a range. Dusty for example could be 4-5 HP, .1-.5 CRIT. Worn could be 3-4.8 HP, 1-2.2 TEMPO, .3-.5 CRIT.

This power vs damage for item names continues, and I wouldn't be surprised if it is the same for the armor too. Give me your thoughts on this, and after a break from these numbers, I will get a table started for weapons, fill in some of these damage numbers, and see what it looks like.