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Weapons in Cube World are randomized with varying degrees of Rarity and grade. The grade of a weapon determines the overall stats, and with a low enough grade can be worse than a lower level weapon of the same type. Examples of grades are: scratched, unwieldy, used, common, plain, neat, etc.

Currently, Weapons have few stats which apply to all classes. These stats are as follows:


Weapon Augmentations

Weapons can be augmented with various elemental effects. Each element provides a unique benefit, one of which can even heal the player. These augmentations are known as 'Spirits', and are found by fighting rare spawns or Boss mobs. Once obtained (as Spirit Cubes), they are then added onto a Weapon at a Customization Bench.

Weapon Damage

Weapon damage is directly tied to a Weapon's Power level and Rarity. Weapon Damage has some information regarding the current known damage values and how they scale through the levels. It is a work in progress, but being updated frequently.


The Ranger class uses only ranged weapons.


The Rogue class is the most versatile with the ability to use various weapons.


The Warrior class uses large weapons, Shields, and can Dual-Wield.


The Mage uses items of magical power to perform ranged attacks.


  • Artless
  • Battered
  • Plain
  • Scratched
  • Shabby
  • Used
  • Worn

Weapon Customization

Weapons can be upgraded and customized on a per-voxel basis using the Customization Bench. For instance, Iron Swords can be upgraded with Iron Cubes which can be freely placed on the Weapon. This increases damage and Health, but also changes the Weapon's appearance. You can rotate the Weapon by clicking on it with the middle-mouse button and dragging.

Spirit Cubes are rare magic cubes that can be obtained by defeating Bosses. They're more powerful than normal cubes and have additional effects when placed on a Weapon:

  • Fire Spirit - deals additional fire damage.
  • Wind Spirit - increases attack and movement speed of the player.
  • Ice Spirit - slows attack and movement speed of the target.
  • Unholy Spirit - deals damage to the target and heals the player.

At the moment, only Weapons and Shields can be upgraded and customized with different Spirits, but in future updates you may be able to customize Hang Gliders and Boats for aesthetic purposes.

A previously placed Iron Cube or Spirit may be removed from a Weapon or Shield after attachment, by left clicking a block and dropping it outside the customization window. Note that a Cube or Spirit which is removed from a Weapon or Shield after attachment will be destroyed.

There is a bug with Weapon customization where if you have reached the upgrade limit (for example, 16) and you attempt to place an Iron Cube or Spirit it will be removed from you but will not be placed onto the Weapon.


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