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The following are Races that are currently playable. Wollay has stated more races are planned in future releases.
There are currently 8 playable races. Races do not have any impact on gameplay besides the size.
Goblins and Dwarves are the only playable races that are small enough to fit in some additional gaps.

Playable Races
Dwarf Dwarves are small creatures. Male dwarves always have beards, while women often have braids.
Elf Elves are medium-sized creatures with pointy ears and fancy hair.
Frogman Frogmen are medium-sized creatures with an amphibian look and bulging eyes.
Goblin Goblins are small creatures with green skin and reddish noses.
Human Humans are medium-sized creatures with varying hair styles (including beards).
Lizardmen Lizardmen are medium-sized creatures with scales and a big mouth.
Orc Orcs are big creatures with green skin and a pronounced jaw.
Undead Undeads are medium-sized creatures with a decayed look and glowing eyes.

It has been said that more playable races are planned in future development of the game.