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Cubeworld-Blender-3D Toolkit. Contains anything from tools that work with the game's files, to blender rigs and files to use for general 3D purposes.

Link to Tools and Files

Cubey Info Page

CWB3d Info, Tools and Blends on GitHub



All .CUB files for the 'cub2obj' file are from the game and are owned by Picorama or third-party artists making modified .cub files. The conversion tool was coded by Jab (TheMcJabbar). All .OBJs rendered from this tool are avaliable to use with optional credit of the tool. 

Blender assets:

All .blend files contained in CWB3D are currently public domain and are avaliable for use for any general 3D purpose. These resources were created by various people and are avaliable for use by the general public. These files are to be used with optional credit. (Remember you don't have to credit but it is appreciated!).

If you wish to submit a blender asset to CWB3D, you can submit it through email at [email protected] titled "CWB3D Submission:" with your name and the status of the model in the body of the email. It does not have to be completed but it does need to be fairly accurate to the game, and can exceed the rigging accuracy of the game (Inverse Kinematics, extra non-conflicting joints to in-game mechanics, etc..). Most importantly, thank you for any submissions you might make in the future


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