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Boomerangs are one of the three available weapons for the ranger. The main difference between the other two weapons is the throwing curve and the AoE damage.

The Normal Attack is a basic throw of one boomerang which can cause AoE if multiple enemies are standing beside each other.

In order to make good amounts of damage with the Special Attack, you will want to have at least two-thirds of your MP bar filled. This attack will throw 2 boomerangs with the ability to stun your targets from time to time depending on the difficulty of the target.

  • RED means nearly impossible to stun. (about 1% or 2%)
  • ORANGE is much more likely to be stunned. (about 75%)
  • BLUE / WHITE will be stunned about 100% of the time.

Additional Information and suggestions.

  • Boomerangs provide an entirely different fighting style to the ranger class.
  • The right click attack with no mp will act as a normal normal attack (but takes much longer).
  • Alternating left and right click attacks quickly provides an extremely rapid attack rate, building up combo's very fast which increases damage and effectiveness of cube procs.
  • Using the rapid attack style does much less damage much faster, stuns more often, and will activate spirit cubes very often as well.
  • With 16 healing cubes and 16 ice cubes, at 1000 combo using the rapid attack method will continuously slow the enemy and heal the player for 100 at the same rate as damage is being dealt. This makes soloing a difficult boss quite possible provided one survives long enough to build up the combo.
  • Aiming properly, a 1000 hit combo only takes a matter of seconds.
  • Pressing shift returns the boomerang back to the ranger early, holding shift throws the boomerang but lets it spin on the player providing melee range AOE damage centered on the player.
  • Boomerangs break at lower tempos limits compared to the rest of the weapons due to the animation being unable to complete, tempo is still relatively important but can be made up for using scouts swiftness.
  • The boomerang follows the aiming cursor after it is thrown, allowing effective pulling, attacking enemies around corners, and AOE damage distribution.
  • Believe it or not, a sniper specialization is plausible using a boomerang. It is possible to output some serious AOE damage in the snipe mode before the enemy has a chance to respond. A sniper boomerang user would make a really great backup while someone else tanked and took the damage. Since they can apply a slow to a group of enemies while continuously knocking them down.
  • WARNING: The rapid attack method is likely to cause UI lag more than normal. Also, it has the potential to cause server problems if used for extended duration. If on a server, try alternating between different styles. DPS output for rapid attack is less but provides perks potentially worth the damage sacrifice in different situations.