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Basic Information

Category: Weapon
Store Price: Varies

Bomb Icon.png

Bombs are an item used to destroy certain cubes, but the most notable are boulder formations.

Bombs are obtained from the item shop in any town you encounter and in dungeons.

Bombs are scaled on damage values so you can use more powerful Bombs as you level up. Damage value scaling is based on power level and distance to the epicenter of the blast.

Bombs have 100HP which act as a timer for the bomb.

The HP bar loses 1HP every 20 milliseconds, giving it about a 2 second delay, which increases as the power level of the Bomb increases.


You can use bombs to find hidden mushrooms and ores in caves. These hidden objects are usually covered over by a boulder, as boulders generate after objects like mushrooms and ores in the initial world generation.

Bombs are not allowed to destroy dungeon walls. When Bombs are set on grass they blow up the grass block itself but not the dirt under it.

Bombs can damage allied units such as other players or NPCs, it is unknown if this is a bug or if it's intentional.

You can also use Bombs to kill higher level enemies that are chasing you, but watch out, as they can hurt you as well.


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