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Attributes are the numbers that build the basis of a character's combat abilities. They are as follows:

Power: This number determines what equipment you can wield, and is an abstraction of Level with a curve of diminishing returns.

HP: Your character's Hit Points, and a representation of much punishment your character can withstand before dying.

Armor: This number measures your protection against physical damage (i.e. from natural attacks and weapons).

Resi: Presumably shorthand for Resiliency, this number measures your protection against magical damage (i.e. from spells and ranged monster attacks).

Crit: Presumably shorthand for Critical Hit Rate, this number measures what percentage each attack has to strike a particularly effective blow and deal additional damage.

Tempo: This number measures the rate at which you attack. It is calculated as a percentage over or under the standard attack speed for a character.

Reg: Presumable shorthand for Regeneration, this value determines the rate at which your character recovers expended Stamina.

Weapon Rating: Shows the condition of the weapon in your hand. The higher the rating the better the weapon.

Armor Rating: Shows the condition of the armor you are wearing. The higher the rating the better the armor.

These stats become visible in the character's attribute window when viewing your Inventory.

Miscellaneous Traits

Damage: Indicates the damage a weapon will deal

XP: Stands for experience points. Earned from killing monsters or the completion of quests.

Stamina: Used to dodge, block, climb, sprint and use a hang glider. Preforming these acts uses up stamina.

Level: Indicates your character's level. Can be increased with XP. You get stronger as you level.

Magic points: MP stands for mana or magic points. Special Attacks use magic points.