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Armor gives players more of a chance against enemies throughout the wild lands of Cube World.

Every class uses a different type of armor.



The color of an item's name reflects its quality level:

"White " is Common and mostly found as a drop from a Mob or purchased in a trade district.

"Green " is Uncommon. It can be dropped from a Mob, Boss or can be Identified from uncommon leftovers.

"Blue " is Rare. It can be dropped from a Mob, Boss or can be Identified from rare leftovers.

"Purple " is Epic. It can be dropped from a Mob, Boss or can be Identified from epic leftovers.

"Yellow " is Legendary. It can be dropped from a Mob, Boss or can be Identified from legendary leftovers.

"Red " is Mythical. Currently only mythical recipes can be found and are easily craftable, as they require no mythical specialty item in the crafting process. They are found in dungeon chests.


  • Artless
  • Battered
  • Plain
  • Scratched
  • Shabby
  • Used
  • Worn
  • Exquisite
  • Extraordinary
  • Famous
  • Pompous
  • Dusty
  • Magic
  • Flawless
  • Handmade
  • Pretty
  • Common
  • Battle-Tested
  • Magnificent
  • Good
  • Handsome
  • Polished
  • Unwieldy
  • Decorated
  • Fair
  • Adjusted
  • Legendary
  • Sublime
  • Fabulous
  • Grand
  • Superb
  • Shining
  • Unique
  • Clean

Acquired from..

..bought in Armor Shop, in the Trade District

..Dropped by Mob

..Researched from Leftovers

..Category:Crafting Crafted

Armor types

Every piece of armor shown by RED arrow.

- Cotton Armor is used by Rogue

- Linen Armor is used by Ranger

- Silk Armor is used by Mage

- Iron Armor is used by Warrior

- Rings are used by all

Increased Stats

- Power is your ability to use the piece of gear. You must have equal to or more than the gear's power in order to use it.

- HP is the amount of health added to your total HP.

- Armor is protection from physical damage. Useful against fast but weak physical attacks. More to come on this.

- Resistance is protection from magic damage. Useful against fast but weak magic attacks. More to come on this.

- Tempo is the percentage of how fast you attack and use abilities. Base is 100%.

- Crit increases your chance to critically hit, doing extra damage.

- Reg is the amount of stamina regeneration that'll be added, resulting in faster regeneration. Note: Rangers and Rogues tend to have faster stamina regeneration speed than other classes.


Adaption, Adaption/en, Adaption/frc, Amulet, Amulet Formulas, Amulet/de, Amulet/en, Amulet/fr, Apple Ring, Apple Ring/de, Apple Ring/en, Armor, Axes, Banana Split, Banana Split/de, Banana Split/en, Banana Split/fr, Biscuit Roll, Biscuit Roll/de, Biscuit Roll/en, Biscuit Roll/fr, Blackberry Marmalade, Blackberry Marmalade/de, Blackberry Marmalade/en, Blackberry Marmalade/fr, Bloodorange Juice, Blue Jelly, Blue Jelly/en, Blue Jelly/fr, Bomb, Bomb/de, Bomb/en, Boomerangs, Bow, Bracelets, Bread, Bread/de, Bread/en, Bread/fr, Bubble gum, Bubble gum/de, Bubble gum/en, Bubble gum/fr, Cactus Potion, Cactus Potion/en, Candied Apple, Candied Apple/de, Candied Apple/en, Candied Apple/fr, Candy, Candy/de, Candy/en, Candy/fr, Caramel Chocolate Bar, Caramel Chocolate Bar/en, Caramel Chocolate Bar/fr, Carrot, Carrot/de, Carrot/en, Carrot/fr, Cereal Bar, Cereal Bar/de, Cereal Bar/en, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cake/de, Chocolate Cake/en, Chocolate Cake/fr, Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate Cookie/en, Chocolate Cookie/fr, Chocolate Cupcake, Chocolate Cupcake/en, Chocolate Cupcake/fr, Chocolate Donut, Chocolate Donut/de, Chocolate Donut/en, Chocolate Donut/fr, Cinnamon Role, Cinnamon Role/en, Cinnamon Role/fr, Clubs, Cobweb, Cotton Armor, Cotton Candy, Cotton Candy/de, Cotton Candy/en, Cotton Candy/fr, Cotton Capsule, Croissant, Croissant/de, Croissant/en, Croissant/fr, Crossbow, Curry, Curry/de, Curry/en, Curry/fr, Dagger, Date Cookie, Date Cookie/de, Date Cookie/en, Date Cookie/fr, Diamond Nugget, Emerald Nugget, Equipment Catalog By Seed, Fire Spirit, Fist Weapon, Food, Food/en, Fruit Basket, Fruit Basket/en, Fruit Basket/fr, Ginger Tartlet, Ginger Tartlet/de, Ginger Tartlet/en, Ginseng, Ginseng Root, Ginseng Soup, Ginseng/de, Ginseng/en, Gold Cube, Gold nugget, Green Jelly, Green Jelly/en, Hammers, Hang Glider, Hang Glider/de, Hang Glider/en, Heartflower, Heartflower/de, Heartflower/en, Ice Spirit, Iceflower, Iceflower/de, Iceflower/en, Iron Armor, Iron Armor/en, Iron Cube, Iron Lamp, Iron Lamp/en, Iron nugget, Iron Nugget/de, Iron nugget/en, Iron nugget/fr, Jelly, Lamp, Leftovers, Leftovers/en, Lemon Tarts, Lemon Tarts/de, Lemon Tarts/en, Lemon Tarts/fr, Licorice Candy, Licorice Candy/en, Licorice Candy/fr, Life Potion, Life Potion/en, Linen Armor, Linen Armor/en, Linen Yarn, Lollipop, Lollipop/de, Lollipop/en, Lollipop/fr, Lolly, Lolly/de, Lolly/en, Lolly/fr, Maces, Mana Cube, Mango Juice, Mango Juice/de, Mango Juice/en, Mango Juice/fr, Melon Ice Cream, Melon Ice Cream/de, Melon Ice Cream/en, Milk Chocolate Bar, Mint Chocolate Bar, Mushroom, Mushroom Spit, Mushroom Spit/en, Mushroom/de, Mushroom/en, Onion Slice, Pancakes, Pancakes/de, Pancakes/en, Pancakes/fr, Parrot Feather, Parrot Feather/en, Pineapple Slice, Pink Jelly, Pink Jelly/en, Plant Fiber, Plant Fiber/en, Platinum coins, Platinum coins/de, Platinum coins/en, Popcorn


Adaption, Adaption/en, Adaption/frc, Axes, Boomerangs, Bow, Bracelets, Clubs, Critical Hit, Crossbow, Customization Bench, Customization Bench/en, Dagger, Equipment Catalog By Seed, Fist Weapon, Great Weapons, Hammers, Longsword, Maces, Rarity, Rarity/de, Rarity/en, Rarity/fr, Reg, Reg/en, Reg/fr, Shields, Spirit, Spirit/en, Staff, Sword, Wand, Category:Melee Weapons, Category:Ranged Weapons


Adaption, Adaption/en, Adaption/frc, Amulet, Amulet/de, Amulet/en, Amulet/fr, Armor, Armor Formulas, Armor Formulas/en, Armor Formulas/fr, Cotton Armor, Critical Hit, Customization Bench, Customization Bench/en, Equipment Catalog By Seed, Iron Armor, Iron Armor/en, Linen Armor, Linen Armor/en, Rarity, Rarity/de, Rarity/en, Rarity/fr, Reg, Reg/en, Reg/fr, Resistance, Ring, Rings, Rings/en, Scratched Silk Boots, Silk Armor